Saturday, July 9, 2016

June is for Joy

June has been a seriously fun month. Like all the others in 2016, it seems to have disappeared in the blink of a eye, but I am so grateful I at least have a few photos to remind me of all the joy June has brought to our lives.

While Allie was away visiting her mother, Zach and I enjoyed some great time together. We went to Lake Junaluska one weekend and really just took time to relax and rest.
 Love this old, familiar house.
 I have probably walked (or played) on these stone steps hundreds of times.

 I took some reading material to tear into...
while Zach just brought this.
 Actually, most of our time was spent around writing music,
 but we did squeeze in some trips to a few favorite places like Panacea.
 We LOVE their back patio and it was the PERFECT day to sit riverside and enjoy a fresh lunch.

Zach loves exploring new roads and finding new places so we took off to the mountains in search of a great, panoramic view.
 And we found one. :)
The following weekend we headed to Lake Lanier with our friends Justin and Jenny. We don't see them often enough, but we had an absolute BLAST swimming, floating, and jet skiing on the lake.

 Love you guys!

I also got a special (and much needed) visit with my BFF of 20 years. I seriously cannot believe we've known each other that long, but I am so thankful for a true friendship that stands the test of time, no matter the distance between us. And the distance is growing, since Suz and her family were moving to Alaska at the end of the month for her husband to start his new position with the Army. Even though being this close to the North Pole terrifies me (Ha!), I am SO excited for them and all God has in store for their next two years in the land of the midnight sun!
In addition to catching up with friends, my MIL and I went to work on doing a little surprise room refresh for Allie. For awhile now she's been wanting to incorporate more plantlife into her little abode. Guess she's on the front end of the biophila design trend. :) That, combined with our washer deciding to eat a giant hole in her old duvet cover, gave me the perfect excuse to do a little sprucing up while she was away.

The new bedding blends that soft peach/blush color with vibrant floral hues to give her space new life  and a brighter vibe.
Gotta have that texture!
 These hanging plants were no small task for me and my MIL to hang up, but they turned out great! Air plants (the 3 small ones in the glass spheres) are a great way to add visual interest with no mess and very little upkeep.
Painted and distressed drawer pulls (to blend in better and provide less contrast to the dresser itself).
 New decor to pull in that blush accent and some additional texture.

 My favorite air plant is this one. So gorgeous!
New velvet pillow for her vintage chair, and a wire basket for her Allie books!
And last, but not least, a handmade macrame wall hanging created by my sweet Cali friend Goli. It's the perfect finishing touch! Thanks Gols! :)

All in all, the room turned out great and Allie loved it! Hooray!

A few other little loves I've discovered this month include my new favorite Kombucha - lavender!
 I also discovered the world's prettiest wrapping paper. Oh em gee.... I mean I am salivating over the gorgeousness of this floral design by Rifle Paper Co! I want to wrap my whole house in it! It was the PERFECT choice for my MIL's bday gifts this year!
And the always delectable, French macaron. I treated myself to a few of these after checking off a lot on my to-do list one Saturday. I mean, YOLO. :)
When Allie arrived back home on the 17th (Praise the Lord!), we went full throttle into Father's Day celebrating with a night out at Cirque du Soleil! Zach really wanted to see the new show - Toruk, inspired by the movie Avatar. I too was really excited since I had never seen a Cirque show before and had always wanted to go.
It was seriously amazing! The acrobatic work of the performers was awesome, but what absolutely blew my mind was the light show. The way they created completely different elements and effects with architectural light mapping techniques was a work of art. We loved it!
 On Saturday, I treated Allie and my MIL to pre-vacay mani/pedis at my favorite nail salon.
And on Sunday, we had our annual Father's Day party and this year it was a CrossFit theme! (Past themes include a mustache party, pirate party, British party, and Jimmy Fallon/Tonight Show party and they are ALL on the blog!)
 Zach is a hardcore crossfitter. He loves the hard workouts, the competition, and the community at his gym. This theme was the obvious choice this year, but with a little twist since Allie and I had no intention of actually doing a real CrossFit workout with him. Ha!

I made some custom tees with the sloan "Just Kippin' It Real", since a kip is a type of pull-up move. Ha..ha... get it? :)
 Zach's special Father's Day "WOD" (workout of the day)
I had a series of desserts inspired by CrossFit equipment - caramel bacon donuts for rings, square brownies for box jumps, cookies for weights, and a braided strawberry pastry for rope. (Full disclosure: I only made the braided pastry and brownies. Donuts are from Revolution Doughnuts and cookies are our favorite of all time - vegan chocolate chip from Earth Fare.)
I also got Zach an assortment of bacon-flavored snacks since he is WAY into bacon-eating these days.
All CrossFit theme-ing aside, the weight and responsibility of being a father is not lost on this guy. He loves us well and is a incredible father, friend, and leader (just like my own dad!). I am so encouraged by watching Zach's patient, tender, and loving heart guide Allie through this life. We are blessed!
The sweat bands. Have to have the sweat bands. HAHAHA

Another fun Father's Day is in the books! :)
And right on the heels of Father's Day, we loaded up the car and headed to our favorite beach for vacation!
A little post-dinner hula hooping...
and corn hole competition on 30A! (BTW...Allie and I won :))
Sunset. All the heart eyes for my man. :)
This year we stayed in a different rental- a two-story sun-soaked, beach-themed carriage house on the north side of Rosemary.

It was the perfect place for a lot of this:
and a lot of this. Ha! (ps. We gave my MIL this game for her bday and it is really fun! I bought it at The Merchant in Atlanta, but it is available on Amazon as well and we highly recommend it!)
Rosemary is such a beautiful place. I fall in love with it all over again every single time we come. 
Best. Post. Office. Ever. 
I am always enamored with these black and white balconies on the Pearl Hotel. So gorgeous.
Bike ridin' is our favorite!
My MIL, cruisin'. haha!
More black and white beauty.
My #1 - beach essential - the sun hat!
Crystal clear water. So perfect! I mean, this beach day was dreamy.

Father-daughter footballing.
The modern ice cream truck. Ha!
Enjoying that view and ocean breeze at dusk...

Soaking it up...
Our routine at Rosemary is pretty simple. Most days we go to the beach for a few hours in the morning, come back home for lunch, pack up and head to the pool for a few hours in the afternoon, come home and clean up, then head out to dinner. In the evening we might return to the beach or stay in and watch a movie. It's fairly ordinary, but we love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

Zach, carrying my pool bag on his bike. :)
That's my merman swimming.

In addition to our daily routine, I love walking the streets and looking for lovely. It's everywhere - around every corner, in every direction you could possibly look. It is breathtaking and I love to find new angles I've never seen before and capture it with my camera.

One morning I got to stroll through the weekly farmer's market that sets up on Long Green right along 30A.

The produce was beautiful and so colorful.
I also loved all the local products such as these jams and preserves.
A trip to Rosemary would not be complete with a jaunt down to Alys for coffee at Fonville Press,
an evening bike ride (past live music and a community gathering in Alys),
and perusing the shop and boutiques in Rosemary's town center.

Birthday dinner celebrating my MIL was at La Crema.
We enjoyed delicious tapas on the outdoor patio.
My favorite was the crispy brussel sprouts
and the tiniest bacon-wrapped dates.
Mom and son.
Dad and daughter.
The 3 Musketeers.
After La Crema we headed to Caliza for some light apps and rich desserts. We adore this poolside dining experience and come here every year.

The flourless chocolate cake was so rich and heavenly.
And before leaving town on our last day, we headed to George's in Alys Beach for lunch. I have always wanted to try this place and it did not disappoint!
Adorable interior. I luuurve these chairs!
I enjoyed a California lobster roll which was so fresh and delicious. It was the perfect way to top off a wonderful week at the beach!
Until next time Rosemary!

I can't believe the summer is half over already! Eek! Much more to come in July before Allie's sophomore year kicks off in August!