Thursday, June 16, 2016

May Haps

Guys... sorry for the delay in my posting from last month. Time is just... slipping by. I still can't believe school is over and the summer is here! How did that happen?! May went by in a flash and held some special moments and significant "firsts" for our family. Due to a variety of distractions, it has taken me awhile to pull together all the May haps, but here they are, at least the best I can remember them. Ha!

As I mentioned in my last post, I completed Allie's 2015 book at the end of April and we finally received it the beginning of May. Hooray! This is my 5th time using Mixbook to produce her annual book and I continue to be very satisfied with their quality and customer service.
A few glimpses beyond the cover-

In other news...
On May 3rd, Zach led worship for the EQUIP/John Maxwell Company Summit. It was a joy for him to return to his old stompin' grounds at 12Stone - Sugarloaf and see some familiar faces.

For Mother's Day this year, I did something I little different for my mom. Lately she has expressed an interest in branching out and doing more adventurous things, things my sister would have enjoyed. I thought this was an awesome idea, albeit a bit out of mom's comfort zone. In an effort to fan the flame, I sent her an adventure themed Mother's Day care package with some resources to get her going!
Everything was wrapped in Rifle Paper Co's charming Bon Voyage paper...

I also created a little Lindsay-inspired travel guide, a sort of "rules to live by" based on how she liked to do things.
Allie was away Mother's Day weekend, so we celebrated upon her return Sunday night.
When living in Charlotte, Zach and I loved the restaurant Cowfish so we were dying to try the new location in Atlanta! Mother's Day dinner proved to be the perfect occasion.

Ahi tuna nachos.
We are all a big fan of the bento box, which gives you an assorted sampling of 1 mini burger, 4 pieces of sushi, and various side items.

Dinner was followed by fresh fruit parfaits, which is what my MIL requests I make each year. Ha! It's the perfect May day treat!

And speaking of food, I haven't done a ton of cooking this month, but I have been majorly crushing on these healthy goodies. 

#1: Kombucha. I use to drink these all the time and am slowly getting back into making these probiotic-packed beverages a regular part of my diet. 
 I also have fallen in love with Sprouts butternut squash kale salad. It is so fresh and the perfect summer side dish (or in my case, entree!).
The reason I bought a cast iron skillet was to be able to do one-dish dinners. This sweet potato crust chorizo spinach quiche is a great recipe for any time of the day.
And lastly, what is summer without some pops? I have LOVED eating these Sprouts strawberry fruit pops on my back patio this month and they have totally hit the spot.
I had another brief business trip to Toronto this month and this time my journey was full of... oddities. Ha!

Like this paper-thin curtain, for instance... between business class and coach. Exactly what is it's purpose, besides crushing the dignity of coach passengers?
Some Mars-like texture on my walk to dinner one night...
And this. This might be the goofiest location for an outlet I have ever seen.
Luckily, I wasn't gone long and got to come home to my people in less than 48 hours.

A few days later, Al and I headed back to StudioPlex for her to get her hair did. I absolutely love this courtyard and always want to take a million photos when we are here.
Cute little bob on a cute little lady.

Allie's last few weeks of school were action packed with lots of fun events, such as froyo parties and attending the Spring Fling at Lake Lanier Islands! (Have I mentioned how much we love Mount Pisgah? :))
I was able to attend their all-school, end of year, convocation service and it yet again just filled my heart with gratitude for the educational setting Allie is able to experience.
The very next day, Zach and I attended the Upper School Honors Ceremony. Each department (math, english, fine arts, etc... you get the picture) recognizes one outstanding student from each grade. To our delight, Allie received the 9th grade award from the Christian Education Dept! This department includes all the religion classes offered at the school, including the Old Testament class she is currently taking.
So proud of this girl!
 Last day of school! (She totally rocks that uniform.)
 So crazy to think this girl is now a sophomore!
Immediately after school, Zach took Allie to celebrate at one of our favorite spots - Chattahoochee Coffee Company, right on the banks of the river!
They meandered around and found the place with the loveliest view.
 Straight up chillin'
 These two can't be together without things getting a liiiittle silly.
 Example A.
 The sweetest father/daughter duo!
That night, we celebrated her last day/amazing year the same way we started the school year - with steak and mashed potatoes served on the "You are special today" plate.
Playing a little football in the neighborhood park. :) 
For the rest of the week, Allie got to finally relax and just... enjoy her days. This included a pool day with Nana, going to Ponce City Market for burgers at H&F, and even a trip back to good ol' Dr. Bombays!

At the end of the week, we celebrated as a family at JCT Kitchen, one of our favorite restaurants in the A.
 Parmesan truffle fries. Sigh....
And I could not resist my favorite dish - the fried chicken salad. Oh my my... it is divine.
This was just as much of a celebration for Zach and I, completing our first year of school as parents, with a teenager no less!
Afterwards, the spoiling of Allie continued with desert from Cafe Intermezzo.
Honestly, the selection is sometimes overwhelming. They have roughly 70 desserts to choose from, but Allie usually sticks to her "go-to" chocolate oreo cheesecake.
On the last Saturday of the month we took Allie and two friends up to Helen, GA to go tubing. Helen is quite interesting. It's a tourist town in the mountains of North Georgia designed to look like a Bavarian village.

We had fun looking at all the (tacky) gift shops and getting the girls some chocolate treats before heading out on the river.
This kid gets the award for best photobomber. HA!

This guy served us all so well while we ventured down the river- helping the girls stay together, getting us unstuck from rocks and branches every 5 minutes, etc. He is my hero and favorite human ever.
On the last Sunday of the month Allie left to go spend 3 weeks in Alabama with her mother and extended family. Although we hate for her to be away, we are grateful it is only for 3 weeks and as soon as she returns, we are off to the beach! After we got home from dropping her off, I immediately started cleaning her room - stripping her bed, washing her linens, fluffing all her pillows, etc. I don't know why I do this, maybe it makes me feel like I am taking care of her even when she's away.
That feeling, plus my interior designer skillz, has me working on a little room refresh for Al while she is away. Her room has been very neutral the past few years, but we are starting to add some color as well as some plantlife.
This girl loves to grow things and I hope she is pleased with the finished product in just a few weeks!

Summer is off to a great start and I can't wait to enjoy all that is planned for June!