Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tonight Show Shenanigans

Immediately following our summer vacation, our annual Father's Day party commenced! (A big thanks to my MIL for helping me prepare a few details while we were out of town.) This is our 4th themed Father's Day party (previously a mustache party, pirate party, British party), and this year... drum roll... a Jimmy Fallon/Tonight Show themed party! Zach loves watching Jimmy Fallon host the Tonight Show, particularly all the hilarious shenanigans/ games he does with various celebrities. Allie and I talked about it back in May and decided this would be the perfect theme for this year's festivities!

The theme, based off the Tonight Show brand, but instead of NYC, it's Atlanta!
 The daughter
 The daddy
 and me!

We decided to play 3 Jimmy Fallon original games - Water War, Egg Roulette, and Lip Sync Battle. Zach and I faced off with Water War- basically the card game war, but whoever has the highest card gets to throw a glass of water in the other person's face. No pressure!

Whoever uses up all 5 of their glasses first gets to soak the other person with a super soaker or, in our case, dump a bucket of water on them! Sorry Zach! hahahahaha
Then Allie and Zach played egg roulette. The game is played with a dozen eggs - 8 being hard boiled, 4 being raw. Each player takes a turn randomly selecting an egg and they must crack it on their head. The first player to crack two raw eggs on their head loses.
 Tensions running high. The competition has begun!
 Mulling over her choices...

OOOH. Ouch. One strike for Zach!

 And one for Allie!
 The sensation of finding a hard boiled egg is quite euphoric. Haha!
Allie ended up the victor of that game, but there was still one game left - lip sync battle! For lip sync battle, each player lip syncs to a song of their choice. The winner is clearly whoever can pull off the most compelling performance.
Allie 'sang' "I knew you were trouble" by T Swift, I did "Roar" by Katy Perry, and Zach did "Shut up and dance with me" by Walk the Moon. Everyone did great, but Zach was clearly the winner. Haha! SO MUCH FUN.

And a Father's Day party wouldn't be a Father's Day party without some photo booth style pics. :)

The rest of our evening was spent enjoying Father's Day delicacies (burgers and brownie pie) and quality family time. Zach said it was the best one yet and I have to admit, it was really fun (but really messy haha).

Happy Father's Day Z! We love you!

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