Sunday, June 28, 2015

One Bite

This summer has been nothing short of a full blown hurricane. Ha! We've been so busy that I can barely keep my head on straight! A recap: On Saturday (June 20) we got back very late from a week-long vacation and were immediately thrust into the excitement of Father's Day. (More on both those things later.) Last Monday didn't give us much time to catch our breath as Zach started a 3-day work retreat and I have been back at the office (at least in the mornings). I am so grateful to my MIL for stepping in and spending time with Allie so she doesn't have to be sitting around at my job all day long. I am also so thankful my amazing team has given me the flexibility to work from home a few afternoons so I can also help her have a normal summer. Ha! With so many moving parts right now it is easy to get overwhelmed, but I am constantly reminding myself to take it one day at a time. What's the old saying - "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" and that's what I am doing. So before it leaves my memory for good, here is a recap of our first week of summer with Al... which feels like a million years ago already...

On Monday Allie spent the day with Nana! I am so grateful Allie has such a close relationship with Zach's mom. They have tons of fun together enjoying lots of shops and restaurants around Atlanta.
On Wednesday Allie and I hopped up to Greenville to pick up her friend Emma who was coming to visit for a few days. We met at our normal rendezvous place - The Chocolate Mousse for cupcakes and well, mousse! I got a gluten-free french toast cupcake and it was delish!
The girls spent the next few days swimming in our friend's glorious saltwater pool, 
lovin' on our favorite dog, Nox
making sushi,

nail painting,
and on Friday I took the day off to treat the girls to lunch at Bocado Burger, blowouts at DryBar, and a mini photo shoot at one of my favorite spots in the ATL - the Swan House.

Heading to get blowouts! This is the "before" pic. :)
DryBar is a blowout salon - so no color, no cuts, just styling.

They have a number of set styles on their "menu"/ Lookbook that you can pick from including updos  for an uncharge.
The "after"! Ready for pics :)
The Swan House (now part of the Atlanta History Center) is a iconic mansion built in 1928 for the Inman family. The grandeur of the house and surrounding gardens is truly breath-taking.
I think the girls thought it was really pretty, but they were more excited about being at "President Snow's house" from the movie Catching Fire (part of the Hunger Games series) than stepping back into the 1920s/30s. Ha! Here's a pic from the filming...
 And then a side by side comparison of the house and the finished, digitally enhanced architecture used in the film.
Girlgoyles. :)

I love everything about this era.
If Allie could pick any car to get for her 16th birthday it would be this. I am completely serious. Ha! She loves old cars and I love that about her.

Can you believe this beauty is 13???!! 

So grown up. I never tire of taking pics of her!

After our time at the Swan House we picked up some sweet treats at Georgetown Cupcakes!

Friday night was spent in our cute little downtown. Every Friday is "Food Truck Friday" so lots of people gather to enjoy the vendors and live music. 
The food truck lines were actually pretty long so we ate at Pure Taqueria instead and had a great last night at home relaxing and watching movies before our big trip up north! Stay tuned for deets on our 1600 mile journey!

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