Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Take 5

So last weekend the Z-man and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?! 5 crazy yet amazingly glorious years with my favorite human on earth. I am one lucky duck!

(Yes, we try to flick each other in the throat like Hahahaha! Never a dull moment with this guy!)

For the story on how we met, our wedding details, OR our thoughts on keeping a marriage strong check out the links!

Our dream for our 5th anniversary was always to go to London. Clearly, that didn't happen this year LOL. In fact, we didn't even leave home! We have a few upcoming trips in the next few months so we need to keep things a little low key this year. That however did not stop Zach from making the weekend special and surprising me with a great anniversary weekend.

Our actual anniversary was Saturday, but due to Zach's strict singing regimen (he doesn't eat certain foods a few days before singing or spend much time outside (allergies)), we couldn't really celebrate the way we wanted to - WITH FOOD. haha I has assumed we would just go out for a nice dinner Sunday night, but when I got home on Friday Zach informed me we had reservations at Bacchanalia. BACCHANALIA people. I never even mention going here because it's ridiculously expensive and consistently ranked one of the best (if not the best) restaurant in the city. It has always been on my bucket list to experience, but I had not even considered we would be going there! We got dressed up and drove back into the city for a really fun night. I know some people might not get behind fine dining or appreciate exemplary food, but here's why I like it - I really enjoy fine dining not only because it is a great experience and tastes amazing, but because it slows me down. It heightens all my senses and causes me to stop and really focus on what I am seeing/tasting/smelling and more importantly, who I am with.

Bacchanalia was a great experience. It's a 5-course dinner - 3 savory courses followed by a cheese course and dessert course. It also is served with 3 delightful entremets along the way (ours included a chilled asparagus soup prior to the first course, a rich smoothie served after the cheese course, and a tray of macaroons, truffles, and cake served with coffee). Zach and I both loved all of our selections which included chilled lobster, red snapper, the most amazing crab cake I've ever tasted, duck, prime NY strip, oh and fresh sourdough bread, GLUTEN FULL. :) So so so good. I really love the pace of a full course dinner and if I was rich enough to hire a chef, this is how I would eat all my meals! Hahaha Oh to live like kings and queens. :)
One thing I love about this place is how high quality the ingredients are, most of which come from their farm - Summerland Farm.

Zach and I had a wonderful time and I thoroughly enjoyed my extravagant surprise. :)

On Saturday, after a few small gift exchanges, we decided to drive up to Athens (a city I've only visited once, late at night, for a quick bite) to check out and spend the day somewhere off our beaten path.

Fresh blossoms
 Zach got me Downton tea since we weren't in London hahaha
 And my card to Z... isn't this hilariously accurate?! :) haha
Unbeknownst to us it was "G Day" (Georgia's spring football game day) so the town was a bit busier than we expected. Oops! It was still fun though and we had a great time together.
On Sunday after church, Zach and I rounded out the anni weekend by going back to where it all began - Decatur. We relived the first time we ever hung out (we went to lunch at Raging Burrito with a group of people from church and then walked over to Yogurt Tap). This was also what we did for our rehearsal dinner so our family and friends could relive it too. :)

After grabbing a nostalgic bite or two of yogurt from Yogurt Tap, Zach and I both set our sights on a more enticing way of topping off the day - he got a King of Pops popsicle and I got a decadent cone of delight from Jeni's (my fav flavor - Brambleberry Crisp!). AH! We are spoiled! :)

Even though we had great food and a great weekend of adventures, the best part about it all is having a great love. Zach and I are so grateful for each other and that is truly the best gift of all. Soooo.. a big giant high-five to Jesus for makin' the love we have possible! Haha :) Happy anniversary babe! Here's to hoping we get at least 50 more together!

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