Sunday, April 26, 2015


So Zach and I celebrated my 32nd birthday this past week. I left the bday planning up to him and he surprised me with a night of foodie fun in the city. This is particularly special for me right now because I am currently on a VERY strict diet to better care for my auto immune condition. I am basically being sustained on fish, nuts, and limited veggies and I'm not gonna lie... it's not easy day in, day out, especially when you are someone like me who loves CARBS - rice, potatoes, gluten free bread... Our anniversary and my birthday were really my only excuses to eat amazingly flavorful food with little to no regard for what it was so I definitely took advantage of it. Ha!

After work, Zach took me to Canoe, one of our favorite restaurants in the city. The food is great, but nothing compares to the beautiful setting along the Chattahoochee River.
Isn't it ridiculously gorgeous?!
It was the PERFECT day to sit riverside and enjoy a drink and pre-dinner snack. Our favorite appetizer is the salmon cakes. 

After an absolutely lovely and relaxing time at Canoe, we headed back downtown to try the best new restaurant in town - Gunshow. I have been wanting to come here for awhile and was thrilled to try it out for my birthday.

Gunshow is a really unique restaurant created by the ever talented chef Kevin Gillespie. 
The whole menu is a la carte and the chefs literally bring the food to your table themselves. They describe the dish and then you have the option to take it or leave it. Each dish comes by your table only once so you have to make quick decisions on your feet!
One thing I love about this place is the variety of dishes. Each chef's cuisine was unique to them and unlike any of the others.  I'll be honest and say you feel a little bad for turning away beautiful dishes, especially when you have  to do it to the face of the person who made it. Ha! Nevertheless we had some seriously great food including...

Argentinian style beef empanadas with chimichuri aioli
 Okonomiyaki (Japanese style white shrimp and bacon pancake with katsuobushi (best thing we had!)
 Revival fried chicken and cornbread (the skin was crispy, crunchy perfection)
 Seared diver scallops, artichoke barigoule, roasted asparagus, truffle.
Nom nom nom.

After a great time at Gunshow, we came home and continued celebrating with the classic birthday treat - cake! I had stopped by and picked up a slice of my favorite cake - strawberry layer, from Southern Sweets Bakery in Decatur. It did not disappoint. 
All in all it was a great birthday spent with my favorite human and I am so grateful to God for another year of life! Cheers to 33!

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