Monday, December 8, 2014

Cheer & Chocolate

So it's no surprise I love gift-giving and just... creating experiences for people through gifts. (Insert custom care package business idea, mentioned here.) Our Allie girl is often the recipient of these goodie boxes and we've sent her many different themed packages throughout the years. I don't know why, but it never occurred to me to send her a Christmas box (maybe because I am always deep in the throes of buying her Christmas gifts haha). Nonetheless, I really wanted to send her something to enjoy and share with others this holiday season before she comes to celebrate with us. It's a little pre-packaged holiday party. All she has to add are the people to share it with. :)

Here's a peek into Allie's box of Christmas cheer and chocolate! :)
Packing slip.

Pretty card.
The smell of Christmas.
Cute textural garland for decorating her bed (or whatever the party's at!)
Christmas music. Al is always on the hunt for new music to enjoy while she does her school work and we really enjoy this Phil Wickham album.
Paper straws. Cause paper straws can make any drink a happier experience.
And assorted sweets to share with family or her Classical Conversations class. If you are looking for some ideas on what to send someone without ordering one of those pre-made gift sets of really generic stuff, consider shopping at Trader Joe's. They have the BEST holiday goodies packaged in cute boxes.
Ok these are not from TJ's, but they are the best powdered truffles!
I don't like peppermint and chocolate together, but even I like these holiday Joe Joe's!
And of course... what is Christmas without cocoa?!
There are loads of other options at Trader Joe's, but this was all I could fit in the box! Hope you enjoy sweet Allie girl and spread a little Christmas cheer to all those dear!

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