Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Bundle of Joy, Unwrapped

This weekend I created (and gave away) my very first new mama care package, what I like to call the "big bundle of joy". I am still in the developmental phase of this business, but I wanted to share some deets of what I am looking to create/bring to market. This collection represents the quality of gifts I want to make available plus the presentation style (old school wrapping), but might not be exactly what I end up with when everything is all said and done and I've sorted through some issues. Anyway, without further ado… 

...the big bundle of joy. Since I was giving this at a shower, I dressed up the boxes with some babies breath and arranged it in my favorite wire basket. It goes without saying that items will not ship in this fashion. Ha!
Everything is wrapped in brown kraft paper and dressed with jute twine, cotton cord, ribbon, baker's twine and vintage style gift tags. The paper is sealed with glue, not tape, since I am committed to not using any plastic products.

The concept for this gift collection is all about making that new mama feel she's just as special as her baby. I mean let's be real… that little freshie gets ALL the attention (for like uuh… 18 years. Ha!), but especially in those first few days and months. Each gift is intentionally chosen to provide encouragement, support, and little bursts of joy throughout her day to make her feel like the important, beautiful lady she still is (even if she doesn't feel like it).
The big bundle of joy combines 3 petite parcel collections.

#1 includes...

-an 8 x 10 encouraging print
- my most favorite item, the linen covered Five Minute Journal,
which really could be the 2 minute journal if you've had a pretty bad day. Haha! It gives you 5 question prompts to reflect on your day. I think this is such a cool idea because just like the baby, a new mom is growing, learning, changing, and SUCCEEDING… and it's all worth capturing in a beautiful way.

- 8 gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. thank you notes with luxe gold envelops
 that (BONUS!) are stamped and ready to mail (minus ya know… the writing and addressing part. Sorry ladies, gotta do that bit yourself. :))
 Petite parcel #2...
for when you need a little cup of happiness.

- vintage tea cup and saucer
 - 12 decaf vanilla almond tea bags in a burlap sack
- 3 oz. Savannah Bee orange blossom honey
 And #3...

- all natural Thesis rose vanilla sorbet body scrub made with pink Himalayan sea salt and rose petals (divine)
 - only the best candle in the world, Capri Blue, volcano scent (the smell of Anthropologie for those that aren't already addicts)

- and one handmade lace/satin sleep mask for whenever you get to catch a few winks. 
I also included a MixBook gift card for either baby announcements or a photo book, but I think I am going to make a few different gift card options available when the product becomes available. And that my friends leads me to the million dollar question. When will these beauts be available for purchase? Honestly, I don't know. Ha! Like I said I still have some kinks to work out, final product selection, and shipping options… but I am slowly making progress.

 If you believe in this idea and are interested in investing in the development (to make this process go faster), please contact me at I would love to talk to you!

My goal is to have a variety of collections available from $45 - $150 (plus shipping) in the next few months. I have a few more surprises and ideas up my sleeve for the launch of this, but for now… this is all you get. Hope you enjoyed the big bundle of joy Brenae and I can't wait to share it with so many more people in the future!