Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good and sort of Good

Lately I have tried two new recipes worth sharing on the blog. One is good (meaning healthy, gluten-free/dairy free) and is other is sort of good (not dairy-free). Ha! Both are very GOOD in the taste and flavor category though. :)

Thai Chicken Quinoa Bowl
Such a good, well-balanced, low calorie, fresh dish! Zach and I love having this for dinner. Find the recipe here! (The only changes I made were to use gluten-free quinoa.)

Peach and Prosciutto Pizza
Such a great way to use up some of the summer peaches hanging around! I love prosciutto and incorporate it into numerous recipes. This was the first time I used it on a pizza and the combo with the fruit and basil… heavenly! The one major challenging thing about this recipe is the balsamic reduction. I didn't realize there was such an art to this so really keep an eye on the pan and keep the temp low! If you don't, you will be ready for the science fair with your hardened lava-like substance! Haha
Get the recipe here! (Only changes I made were to use gluten-free crust and leave out the ricotta. Fresh mozzarella and asiago are good enough for me!)

Next up on my list is mastering gluten-free baking. Wish me luck and bon app├ętit! 

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