Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dreamland (part 3)

Our vacation to Rosemary was our first family vacation where we stayed in the same place the entire time. Even though I LOVE doing/seeing different stuff each day when we go on vacation, I did really enjoy not having to pack/unpack multiple times and spend a lot of time in the car. I was here instead. :)

Storing her hat and glasses in a safe place. :)

On this beach adventure we also tried ocean kayaking for the first time.

Getting through the waves
Allie and Zach rowing away.
Keeping an eye on the kayakers. Ha!
Zach and I went out after he and Allie and I must say… I didn't like it that much. Ha! Once you get a ways out past the waves it's eerily quiet. You can't hear the waves crashing, can't hear people on the beach. All you hear is the water splashing against the side of your boat and all you see is deep blue rolling seas. It's kinda creepy. Haha! To me, the fun part about ocean kayaking is riding the waves into the shore. Soo… maybe I should take up surfing? :)

After a few hours at the beach we did more bike riding...
and worked up an appetite for some pops! We love fancy popsicles!

Zach got the peanut butter and jelly and I got the lemon blueberry. It was SO good!
Allie with peaches and cream!
Aaand back to swimming. This was my favorite pool in Rosemary. I don't know if I've ever loved swimming as much as I did on this trip.
I just loved the striped bathhouses and the manicured shrubs between each umbrella.

Funny guy.

More biking...
Oh my goodness how old does Allie look in this pic???!!
She's growing up y'all.
We ended up taking a bike ride back to Alys Beach to get coffee at Fonville Press.

It is the nicest beach coffee shop ever!
Love these chairs with the marble table top...
Celebrity sighting? :)

Cool outdoor patio
And on our last night in RB, we went to Havana Beach for dinner, the Cuban inspired restaurant at The Pearl. 

This was Allie's first real fancy dinner and we loved sharing this experience with her!
Gotta see the food right? Cheese biscuits...
Chicken biscuit appetizer with honey and watermelon...
Allie's first real filet mignon dinner! It was so good. 
Zach's grilled poulet rouge (also amazingly flavorful)
My shrimp and grits (average. lol)
Keylime semifreddo with raspberries and white chocolate. (Delicious)
And Allie sure does know how to do dessert right - the chocolate dessert flight: a sampling of milk chocolate decadence, house made fudgsicle, baked hot chocolate and milk chocolate ice cream! SO GOOD.
After dinner, Zach and I headed upstairs to Sol Luna, the outdoor lounge at the hotel. It was lovely to sit with my man on a breezy night, overlooking the western green (which was showing Despicable Me 2 on the lawn), and reflect on our beautiful beach week. 

Our week at the beach was simply magical and we can't wait to come back here! Thanks Rosemary Beach for an amazing memory with my family and a week of much needed rest and relaxation! Till next time!

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