Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dreamland (part 2)

During our stay in Rosemary Beach, our primary source of transportation was a bike. This pedestrian town is all about some bike riding and we definitely did our fair share!

Renting bikes from the Bamboo Beach Company is actually really easy. They tag them with your name, give you locks (that we never even needed to use), and when your rental is over, you just drop them off at the return rack.
These two LOVED riding together!

Our first stop after picking up our bikes was The Donut Hole for some sweet treats. 

See all the bikes? Discarded everywhere, out in the open? Yeah… the whole town is like this. And it's awesome.
Beach time!

Running into the waves
Our girl Allie loves her some waves.

The beach book I recommended for my MIL :) SO GOOD!
Allie didn't want to sit in the sand so she made a "sand chair" carved out of the shore, put her towel down, and sat down in it. Ha! I love her inventive spirit!
"Chillin' out maxin relaxin' all cool…"
Playing catch

Pool time! Cool blue waters beyond these doors!
Rosemary Beach has 4 neighborhood pools including one indoor pool with a retractable roof! 
The pools were so amazingly refreshing and relaxing. We spent A LOT of time here.
A girl and her bike.
Daddy-daughter bike riding into the sunset...
Surf shop VW in "mint" condition :)
Beach beauty
Dinner at Cowgirl Kitchen!
The town's name sake.
Some window shopping and browsing in Rosemary's adorable shops. This one is my fav, The Tracery.
Sea biscuits
Barnacles… half pretty half creepy.
Sophisticated beach decor
I love this chair!
Picking her favorite pillow...
Gorgeous pendants in Hissyfits.
And terrariums. We love terrariums. I need some for Allie's bedroom. :)
Aaaand more biking riding through all the paths that weave through the Rosemary Beach community.
Tuesday night we ventured out of Rosemary and drove 1 mile down the road to Alys Beach to go to Caliza, a pool side dining experience in this upscale community. (Thanks for the rec Kathryn!) Honestly, before coming to Rosemary we didn't know Alys Beach even existed, but boy was this the best surprise ever! Caliza by day...
Caliza by night...

(Just ignore the palm tree sprouting from my head.. :):))
Going to Caliza was one of the best parts of our trip. It was seriously like stepping into another world - a beautiful, flawless, Mediterranean-like, peaceful paradise. 
Photos do not do this place justice. You simply have to come here!
This is where we enjoyed some gourmet desserts...
Here's mine - blueberry key lime pie!
Anyone want to lie here and look at the stars? Me too. :)

We seriously had such a special night here and love Alys Beach! I love having amazing adventures with my family!

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