Friday, June 13, 2014

Not lazy or hazy, just crazy

Ya know that old Nat King Cole song- "Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer"? Well so far our summer has just been crazy. Haha! After a fast and furious (and fabulous) weekend in Charlotte, we hit the ground running back home this past Monday and haven't stopped yet. I guess that's what vacation is for right? :)

On Monday and Tuesday Zach was away at a team off-site retreat so Allie and I had a fun girls night at home. We cooked up a big dinner complete with ribs, loaded baked potatoes and veggies-
 and topped it off with some sweet treats and a viewing of Ever After.
Love love love this sweet, funny, caring girl!

Tuesday afternoon Zach called and asked us to join him at the lake house (where his retreat had been) for a few hours to enjoy some swimming and kayaking.
The water was the perfect temperature on this bright sunny day and we had a blast relaxing...

and doing some diving...

aaand even some jumping off the boat dock. :)

Daddy daughter kayaking adventure

On Wednesday, Allie had her first job of the summer - dog sitting our friend's Boxer named Nox. This dog is seriously amazing. We all love him so much and Allie's love of animals makes her a great dog-sitter!

It wasn't that hard of a job since Nox mostly does this-
but Allie kept him entertained and exercised in the yard. :)
Nox has been trained to respond to commands spoken in German so here is Allie telling him who's boss in her best German accent. :)

He seriously cracks me up.

Later on that evening Allie and I made a trip to the Salvation Army to get her a tacky thrift store outfit to wear to M12's thrift store night. M12 is 12Stone's middle school ministry and we are so thrilled Allie wants to be a part of it. She and I had a hiiiilarious time looking for the perfect, hideous ensemble.

 Color coded.

 Purple is in. Apparently.
Trying things on. Yes, that vest has embroidered cats on it. And I totally love it. Haha!
Her completed look for the event-
included a bright abstract top with SHOULDER PADS,
a corduroy teachery vest with elastic jean capris,
and THESE BEAUTIES. Yes, they are uneven because one has a lift.
She looked amazing!!!

The prize for the best dressed was an 11 lbs. container of Nutella, displayed below by Steve the student pastor in a very….. fluffy fur coat. :)
 Unfortunately Allie didn't bring home the 11 lbs. prize, but I was thrilled to see her on stage (third from right) and so actively engaged in the ministry.
In other news, I FINALLY finished the fabric garland for Allie's room, displayed over her dresser below.
The fabric came from a wedding I helped design last summer and I got to keep all the fabric. For almost a year it has just been sitting in a box, but recently I had the idea to rip it into strips and make this garland. I had no idea how labor intensive this seemingly simple project would be, but I am happy with the end product and so is Allie.
 On Friday, we took a little family adventure to Westside, an awesome area of Atlanta full of unique restaurants and shops. We ate at an old favorite of mine - Figo Pasta and I tried their gluten free pasta for the first time. So good!
And gluten full. So bad. :)

 I love our family conversations and am really trying to savor every single second with these two.

Oh yes, and I can't forget about the cute little Vespa parked in this restaurant. It's been here forever and I just love it. Family vespa rides are in our future. I guess… when Allie is old enough to drive right? :)

 We also browsed one of the loveliest markets in the whole city - Star Provisions. Gosh I love this place  and am so inspired to get creative in the kitchen when I come here.

Cute candles.
Allie and I had no idea there were so many types of sea salt. Jars and jars of sea salt from all over the world. They were so beautiful!
 Pig ear? Uh… no thank you (but Allie wanted to try it)!
Jars of honey, sauces, jams, etc. Almost everything is packaged in glass, ceramic and brown paper. Everything about it is so beautiful to me.
And then we went to the infamous Jeni's. Oh Jeni's, how have I not discovered you sooner? This gourmet ice cream shop is so delicious. The flavors are unusual, inventive, and so flavorful while the space is bright, simple, and sophisticated.

Allie got dark chocolate and black coffee.

Zach got The Buckeye State and dark chocolate,
and I got goat cheese with red cherries and brambleberry crisp. SOOOOO GOOD. Like. Best ice-cream ever. For serious y'all. You gotta come here.

Doesn't it just look so tasty?!
I can't believe a week has already gone by of our summer with Allie. Time slow down! This next week is full of excitement for our family with Father's Day on Sunday and Allie's BFF Emma coming to stay with us next week. Stay tuned for more family fun and hopefully you'll see us have some lazy, hazy days soon. :)

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