Friday, June 20, 2014

Jolly Good Day Ol' Chap

Father's Day was last Sunday and we had a jolly good time throwing Zach a British-themed party. Each year Allie and I cook up some crazy party for him- two years ago it was a mustache party and last year was a pirate party. He loves all things British so this seemed like the perfect way to celebrate. :) Last year, even though we had a ton of fun, it was a bit stressful. We had just gotten back from vacation so Allie and I were under the gun to pull off something amazing. This year, I started prepping a few weeks out because I knew once Allie was here, my time to craft would become much more limited. I am so glad I did this or else I would have been so miserable trying to get all this together the week-of!

I made these signs… (copied the idea from Pinterest..)
and made the fabric banner pictured on either side of the Union Jack flag.
 Airmail envelops.
 Flowers in a tea cup cause you know… Brits love their tea.
And fairy cakes I made with British themed cake toppers (topper design purchased from Etsy)

Unfortunately all my outdoor party hopes and dreams were drenched by afternoon/evening showers so we move the party indoors.
 Dinner included fish and chips (minus the fish :)) per Zach's request.
 Opening gifts...

Allie got Zach a Doc Elliott beard grooming kit (she loves his beard and I'm like…. no thank you. haha)

But I did get him this cute card with a London cab on it!
I had planned a crown toss (in honor of HRH The Queen) and a staring contest (royal guard style), but due to our rain delay, we didn't get to play. HOWEVER… the best game we had planned was a Buckingham Palace version of Clue, our family's favorite board game. Allie drew all the cards and she did a BRILLIANT job!!
The new suspects included famous Brits such as Kate Middleton, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Queen Elizabeth, David Beckham, and Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey).
The weapons were things each character would have access to such as a magic wand, soccer ball, smoking pipe, scepter, arsenic, and a Prada bag. lol
And the rooms were replaced with real rooms from Buckingham Palace.
It was seriously such a fun game! I can't wait to play again!
And of course we had to have a little "photo booth"style fun with some British themed costumes including Sherlock Holmes hats and pipe, a royal guard hat, and a mask of the Queen's face (so creepy)!

We love you Zach and couldn't be happier to have such an awesome Daddy in our lives! Happy Father's Day ol' chap!

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