Monday, June 30, 2014

Dreamland (part 1)

This past week our family vacationed in Rosemary Beach, FL. I first came here 5 years ago for my cousin's wedding and I was so excited to come back and introduce Zach, Allie, and my MIL Cindy to this charming little town! I am gonna break our trip photos up into a few posts. I know I am cray cray when it comes to taking pics, but I just love it. I am also gonna post a few pics that aren't mine, Google images and such, so you can better appreciate this little piece of paradise!

So Rosemary Beach. Established in 1995 and designed by architects Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk to be a neo-traditional town that is reminiscent of a town 50 years ago. Community, the environment, and maintaining a pedestrian lifestyle are among it's core values. The whole town is only 107 acres and every inch is amazing and fabulous. It seriously is a little dreamland!

(Google image)
For more on the design and architecture of Rosemary, read this.

Lots of outdoor eateries and cafes.

The post office. Yes it's adorbs.
Town Hall on left, post office right.

Looking back from the beach...
(Google image)
In my opinion, the Pearl Hotel is the jewel of the town, located at the base of all the shops/cafes and at the foot of the Western Green and walkover. It is such a lovely hotel and I hope to come back here with Zach and stay sometime. (They only have guest rooms for 1-2 people.)
The Pearl by day…pool and roof top cabanas (Sol Luna lounge in background)
(Google image)
Beautiful balconies and awnings.
The Pearl by night...
(Google image)
Such a warm and cozy place!

Now for the beach homes. The unique beach homes make this town so special.
(Google image)

All of them appear naturally (and perfectly) placed around trees and palmetto plants that define the gulf coast landscape. 

Many of the homes have incredible patios, porches, balconies, and courtyards which create such unique outdoor spaces and experiences. 
And my favorite beach home of all…right on the ocean and at the southwest corner of the Eastern Green...
So gorgeous.

For our week here, we rented a cottage through the Rosemary Beach Rental Company and it was a great experience.
Our home for the week...
Charming and simple. We loved this place!

If you are interested in staying in RB sometime (and you should), here are a few of my vacation rental tips…

#1. Book early (rentals go fast!)
#2. It is cheaper to stay here in the off season so keep that in mind if budget is an issue…
#3. Most of the rentals in the summer are a minimum of 7 days so keep that in mind. It took me a lot of searching to find one that met all the criteria I was looking for…
#4. Go ahead and do your bike rental with your home rental. It just makes things easier and they work with the bike shop.
#5. Beach and pool access come with the rental, but not umbrella/beach chair rentals. We brought our own, but if I could do it all over again, I might rent an umbrella, set of chairs and table from Sea Oats (the rental company) for at least one day. It all depends on your budget. 
All in all we loved our stay here and we unanimously agreed there is no other beach we want to vacation at than Rosemary. 

After dinner on our first night in town we went down to the beach to enjoy the breeze and fading light of the day. 

My MIL Cindy on the walkover...

These guys.
Later that night we went down to the beach for a walk and to celebrate my MIL. It happened to be her birthday so after cards and dessert we lit some candles (which is challenging at the beach haha) and celebrated her and the impact she has had in our lives. It was an awesome start to an amazing week! We love Rosemary Beach! Stay tuned for more deets! 

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