Friday, May 23, 2014

A May Trip

Oh my goodness y'all, I completely forgot to post about our weekend in Alabama! We went over to spend some time with Allie Mother's Day weekend, but it already feels like a lifetime ago! I have been so busy working, working a second part time job, working at home, and preparing for the summer that I seriously forgot. Thank goodness for needing to clean up my phone photos or else it might have been August before I got around to it!

There are many beautiful sights in northern Alabama-

but one of our favorites is the tiny town of Mooresville. I've written about Mooresville before and posted pictures of it's unique quaintness and charm, but this trip was the first time we were finally able to visit Lila's Little House.

Oh my gosh… this little ice cream parlor is the most adorable little shop. I am obsessed!

The small rooms are packed with all sorts of unique decor, treats, and gifts.

Reading up on Mooresville.

The most adorable attic of all time. Love this space!

This guy.

Al enjoying some butter pecan ice cream.

We also frequented two more of our favorite establishments, Bib Bob Gibson's

for some much needed BBQ potatoes
and our most favorite restaurant- Back Alley Bistro, my MIL's place.
Nana loves having her girl around!
After visiting some extended family in Athens, we literally ran into a rodeo parade. Yes you heard me correctly. And it was delightfully amazing, complete with toddler riding a miniature pony. You can't make this stuff up people.
In addition to some great memories made out and about, we had some really sweet moments at my MILs- singing songs,
doing some light reading,
and spending time on my MIL's amazing patio. (See Allie spending a sunny morning in the hammock.:))
Before heading back to Georgia we had a few minutes to meet Allie's new goats, some kids born over the past few weeks. 

(This is not a goat, but a pretty picture of a neighboring calf.)
As soon as we got to the pen there was a goat stampede coming right at us!

Allie sure does love these little guys.
And this one really seemed to love the Z Man. 
Black billy.
Quite literally a dancing goat. :)

Such a good weekend with our girl and I seriously cannot wait for summer. Two weeks from today! AHH! It's definitely gonna be one to remember!

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