Friday, April 4, 2014

Sprinter - Part 2

Allie's spring break was not only full of fun times with friends at Lake J, but many adventures back home in Georgia. Allie was so helpful in preparing some goodie bags for an upcoming event I was hosting for all our volunteers. We stuffed and stickered and stapled hundreds of these little bags!
On Wednesday we had a girls day in downtown Atlanta - shopping, exploring, and having afternoon tea like proper English ladies. :) I also took her to Ikea for the first time and she loved it! (Who doesn't?)

Reading nook at Ikea.
Learning Swedish.
Fancy light
Allie said these sketches drive her crazy cause they are unfinished. She wants to finish them so bad! (Haha They are Picasso prints.)
In the cowhide
A trip to Ikea would not be complete without one of these. Shopping with cinnamon rolls = a win.

Our afternoon treat - a trip to Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party!

Dr. Bombay's is an eclectic, eccentric cafe that feels a world away. In addition to providing a place to grab a tasty pastry or hide away to get some work done, Dr. Bombay's help support a project in India called The Learning Tea. The Learning Tea gives life scholarships (housing, education, etc) to impoverished women in India.
Dr. Bombay's decor is one of a kind- defined by antique furniture, wall-to-wall bookshelves, and many unique decorative details. 

My favorite art gallery in the shop. 
High tea menu
Giant scones
Mis-matched vintage china
and silverware.
We loved this sugar dish and sugar cubes!
Allie picked out apricot honey tea and it was divine!
(No I do not have a devil horn. Mug handle problem. Ha!)
High tea spread! 
We are so happy with what is happening right now. Haha

Clotted cream. So good. 
and fresh strawberry preserves on a lemon rosemary scone. I die.
Pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches (plus quiche, not pictured). 
Sweet treats.
Last course- mango sorbet.
We LOVED this place! And talked in British accents the ENTIRE TIME. And laughed profusely at our own silliness. It was seriously amazing and we just had the most… delightful time. I cannot say enough good things about our time here. It's definitely our new special spot!
After our tea adventure we headed to Kudzu, one of my favorite antique stores in Decatur, GA, to browse through all the treasures. 
100 yr old stoneware.

Portrait of a lady.
I love old cameras.
Cool letter books. Good luck reading them.
I've never seen a rotary like this one.
This display is amazing.
I love old books.
And this collection of silhouettes.
So much to explore.

Indiana Jones office?
Making words with Scrabble tiles. We had limited options. :)
I spy Allie.

There is a special place in my heart for raw cotton. Love this stuff. 
This book. Oh my.

Allie decided to buy this one and add it to her collection of coffee table books. So cute!
And after Kudzu I simply HAD to take her to the Dekalb International Farmer's Market. I loved shopping here when I lived in Decatur.
So pretty.

One of my all time favorite smells - fresh lime.
Least favorite smell - cleaning fish. HA!
Fruit tarts in the bakery.
And the most fun shopping cart. Well, I guess it's really like a basket on wheels, but so fun!
Also during spring break Allie and I explored the McDaniel Farm Park, a 128 acre park (previously a cotton farm) that has been restored to reflect a 1930's farm in this area. This place is like 8 minutes from our house and is so quaint and quiet even though it is surrounded by busy commuters and office parks. 
Growing up before our eyes. 

Breathing deep in the late afternoon sun.

Love this girl!
In addition to beautiful park adventures, we had to go back and play pirate laser tag. Our family seriously loves this place. If only they had annual passes! Ha!
Getting into the pirate spirit.
Rainy spring break days = watching movies and nail painting for me and Al. 

Oh yeah!
And now for a few spring break details… One of my most treasured possessions is this shared journal between Allie and I. We try to write in it every time she is home with us and I love watching her grow through her entries. If you have a daughter (old enough to write and reflect on her life) I highly recommend this sweet book as a way to share your heart. 
And this week we added a few more touches to Allie's bedroom retreat-
including this handmade name banner. 
After Allie was back in Alabama I was tidying up her room and found this on her nightstand-
Do you see it? A half eaten, dry pancake. No plate, no napkin, just lying on the table. Haha! She cracks me up. Gotta have a pancake ready to go in a moments notice. I love this girl and every second we spend together. Our time is always precious, but this week just held some really special conversations and moments. I love spring break and just can't wait for summer! It's our first summer in Georgia and it's gonna be awesome! 

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