Monday, April 7, 2014

Designer for Hirer

So I've gotten some questions about my recent "taking new interior design clients" post on Facebook. I figured I should clarify the details for inquiring minds and potential new clients. :)

#1. Who are you to sell interior design services? 

Good question. Even though I now work in professional ministry, my education (Go Noles!), background and training (Gensler) is in commercial interior design. From 2005- 2010 I worked in the design/architecture industry as a licensed designer/consultant before my whole life was turned upside down when I married Zach. :) Ever since, I have dabbled in residential design - in my own home and a few others when I've had time. It's a fun pastime and I enjoy helping people make their homes into spaces they can truly enjoy.

#2. What services do you offer? 

At this point, basic design services and mostly decorating. Since this is a side job, I don't want to get back into architecture and dealing with all the details, drawings, permits, etc that come with construction changes. It's just a hassle. :)

For now, I offer 3 tiers of service:

1. Design X
This is for people who need help deciding on the direction they should go with a space- general color palette, furniture arrangement, etc. but are up for the challenge of finding the right products and pulling it all together themselves. I help you figure out your target, but it's up to you to pull it off!

2. Design MC^2
This is for people who need help deciding on the direction they should go AND need solid guidance on what products to put where. They need the right formula - product recommendations to achieve the desired look and feel and visual aids so they know exactly what to look for when shopping.

3. Design DIT
This is for people who need all the help they can get! Ha! For people who need us to do it together - I not only develop the design, but spec out exact product, tell them exactly what to purchase, and take them all the way to the finish line/finished product of the space.

#3. What if I don't live in Atlanta? 

No worries. I can still offer services as long as you supply decent photos and dimensions of your space. Ideally I'd love to walk through it myself, but that is not required.

Some previous work: 

Sample: living room rendering
Sample: design details
Before: bedroom #1
After: bedroom #1
Bedroom #2
Bedroom #3
Bedroom #4 (book paper wall)
Bedroom #5
Seating area
Living room A
Living room B
If interested in any design services, please email me at for additional details and pricing.



  1. as the client of bedroom #1 (and the mother of the 13 year old it living in it) let me say that SHELLY IS THE BEST!!! we gave her a VERY limited budget and she worked her magic with the pieces we had, made cool furniture out of "found" items, and worked tirelessly for TWO days to help us complete our daughter's bedroom. and she designed it all based on my daughter's ideas and interests, so she really felt like it was "her" vision and dream teen room! shelly made it all come together in a small space to be pretty as well as practical and the room has been so functional and lovely as a retreat space for our daughter. i can't wait until the next room we hire shelly to reimagine, revitalize, or reinvent for us!!!!

  2. I absolutely love each and every room you've designed! When we get our own brownstone I'm going to give you a call! Until then, I'll just keep looking at your new amazing projects!