Thursday, April 10, 2014

A World Within

So lately I have had the travel itch. Like bad. I desperately want to explore the big, beautiful world with the Z man, but sadly we don't have the time or resources to do this as often (and to the extent) as we would like. Sound familiar? I feel like many people are in the same boat- dreaming of future days spent galavanting abroad. Recently though, I snapped out of one of my traveling daydreams and realized that I can quasi satisfy my travel urge without stepping foot outside my city.

How you ask?! Easy. The Atlanta restaurant scene. Let me explain… Atlanta is literally drenched in AMAZING restaurants. There simply aren't enough days or meal times (or cash flow) to experience all the modern, eclectic, farm-to-table, American eateries tucked away in every neighborhood. However, nestled in all that gourmet goodness are fabulous little gems that just… make you feel a world away the second you step inside, almost as if you entered a time machine or one of those fancy shmancy teleportation thingies from Star Trek. Here are a few of my favorites so you can see what I mean...

Visit Ireland (Ri' Ra Irish Pub)

Beyond your classic fish n' chips and shepherd's pie, my favorite thing about this place is the decor which actually came from Ireland. Not sure if this is still the case, but when it's doors opened a few years ago all the wait staff was also brought over from Ireland to give this place a truly authentic feel.

Visit Vienna (Cafe Intermezzo)

Oh Cafe Intermezzo… such a fan favorite. This place is truly magical. Although it is mostly known as a dessert place, Intermezzo actually has an incredible and expansive menu of flavorful food, coffees, teas, etc. and bonus - it's open until 3 am. I guess that's how they roll in Austria…

Visit Morocco (Imperial Fez)
Eating shoeless on floor cushions, under candlelight, while watching belly dancers = just a few reasons Imperial Fez is a very memorable experience. Seriously… you gotta go to this place at least once.

Visit New Orleans (Parish)
Even though it's stateside, I couldn't leave Parish out of this post. It is such a unique place and considering the French/Spanish influences on New Orleans, I figured this qualified. If Parish is too pricey for you, check out the Parish Market downstairs. It's an awesome place to grab lunch, get a little work done, or just enjoy the rustic and raw ambiance.

Visit Greece (Kyma)

One of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group's little delights, Kyma feels like a seaside resort (even though it couldn't be farther from the truth). Bright white columns, crisp linens, and cobalt blue glass accents set the tone for their fresh Mediterranean menu.

Visit Middle Earth (Brick Store Pub)
For all you Lord of the Rings fans, to us, Brick Store feels like it belongs in Hobbiton and not Atlanta. This daylit photo doesn't do this cozy joint justice and the rugged atmosphere it boasts most evenings. If you visit here, try to hideaway at a table upstairs for a truly Hobbit house like experience.

Visit the 1920s (Prohibition)
And while I'm on the subject of fictitious places and time machines, why not go back to the 1920s (my favorite time period)?? This is the only place on my list I haven't been to yet, but I am totally digging this underground speakeasy and it's secret password/hidden entrance through an antique phone booth. Yes folks, this is for real. I'll leave the inside of the restaurant to your imagination since it is elusive after all. :)

So see what I mean? A whole world (and a few others) right here within the city limits of Atlanta. So who is gonna join me on my international/time traveling escapades around our fair city? Reservations can be made in the comment section below. :)

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