Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So as previously mentioned, Zach and I celebrated 4 years of marriage last Friday. Wahoo!

We started off the festivities with a gym workout (boring) followed by some refreshing pops (I am obsessed with King of Pops.)

The real anniversary celebration began with a trip to Fernbank, the natural history museum in town.
Dinosaur stare down.

Every Friday night Fernbank serves up live music, food, drinks, etc alongside showings in their IMAX theater.
I have been anxious to see the National Geographic film on Jerusalem so we finally got to see it! It was beautifully shot and very educational. Here's the trailer so you can see for yourself.

After a walk through the whale exhibit and chowing down on some crab dip, we headed to our anniversary dinner destination - 4th & Swift.

4th & Swift is a fantastic upscale restaurant in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Back in 2009 when Zach was planning to propose, he actually made reservations at this establishment for our engagement celebration since he knew I liked it.

After he proposed Zach told me of our plans to go celebrate at 4th & Swift, but he assured me we could change plans if I wanted to go anywhere else in the city. After weighing out all my options, I made the decision we would go to JCT Kitchen instead, a warm and cozy southern restaruant tucked away on the Westside.  Zach promptly called, cancelled our reservation at 4th & Swift, and THEN proceeded to tell me he had arranged for flowers, a card, etc to be waiting for me at our table at 4th & Swift! I felt horrible! I immediately wanted to stick to the original plan, but Zach wanted me to go where I wanted. So… we ate at JCT Kitchen and abandoned the flowers altogether. Lol. Isn't that sad?! Haha The waitstaff probably thinks I didn't accept his proposal because he didn't say why he was canceling. Haha! I wonder who got my engagement flowers...

Anyway because of all this and the emphasis on 4th… there was no better choice for our 4th anniversary celebration and it did not disappoint. It was totally amazing and Chef Jay Swift is truly gifted at creating unique parings and a beautiful dining experience.

Our anniversary menu included:

Maplebrook Farm Burrata with speckled ham and sourdough
(Zach's entree) Wood Grilled Heart of Ribeye, served with patatas bravas, king trumpet mushrooms, wilted greens, and spring onion chimichurri
(my entree) Pan Roasted Maplelead Farms Duck Breast served with Hakurei turnips, Romanesco, yellow foot mushrooms, fava beans, artichokes
(Zach's dessert) chocolate poundcake with sesame-nougat ice cream, orange caramel
(my dessert) Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream and candied pecans
and a surprise complimentary anniversary treat - homemade chocolate crunch bar and ice cream!
So so so amazingly delicious. I was stuffed. And it was divine. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, I highly suggest 4th & Swift. I promise it will be worth it and will be a dining experience you remember for years to come!

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