Saturday, March 29, 2014

Paper and Books

Hello friends! I know, I know. My blog continues to collect dust (and STILL not be re-branded. I've asked Zach to do the logo for me as an anniversary present. Lol I'm desperate.) Anyway, I am working on being around here more… for real.. and trying to find time to keep you updated on our life and other interesting things. :) Before I get to our spring break update, I need to write my annual bookmaking review. As many of you know, each year I make Allie a book of all our adventures together.
It started with the little 40 page book you see on the right and has been a 200 page endeavor full of over 1200 images ever since. (I am a picture taking freak.) It is a labor of love, but I greatly enjoy the end product and Allie having our memories captured in this way.
This year I used Mixbook again and in the end, I was very pleased. I had a few production issues (that seems to always be the case), but their customer service is so great at resolving them, reprinting for me, and shipping a replacement in 2 days. This year I also upped the ante on the complexity of the page layouts. In the past, my strategy has always been "fit as many images on the page as largely as possible", but this year I really wanted the design to be more like a magazine and more intentional about how the content is shared. With inspiration from Southern Weddings Magazine I created all my own layouts. Here are a few of my favorite spreads.

In addition to a questionnaire completed by Allie, the book always begins with notes from Zach and I.

 And the book always ends with notes from her friends and family.
Allie's book was given to her in her spring care package. It was finished much later than normal due to my busyness and the production issues, but at least it is finished!

I luuuurve sending/giving Allie beautiful gifts wrapped in personal ways. Wrapping has sort of become a love language of mine. :) I love beautiful paper and using it to create special experiences. For the past few weeks Allie has really been into ombre` so when I saw this Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper at Paper Source I simply HAD to get it for her.
The paper is double sided (mint on one side, coral on the other) and I decided to wrap her stuff using the coral side with gold accents.
Wanna see her spring treasures? :) Of course her book was the main attraction
followed by two CDs she's been asking for for weeks. 
I also included a set of these Faulkner quote pencils because the second I saw them I knew they were perfect for our story-writing girl. 
Some seeds to grow flowers this spring. (Allie LOVES plants and is hoping to sell some from her farm in Alabama this summer.)
And a few decorative materials to dress up her future plant/soap/etc sales table and merchandise. 
If making care packages could be a business, I would do it and never "work" a day in my life. :) More Allie love coming soon with deets on spring break!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So Zach and I have recently become obsessed with Sophie the English Bulldog. Why? Watch this video and it won't take long for you to figure it out.

A sweater-wearing dog that rolls down hills for fun? Yes please. Where can we get one?

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Secret Street Shooter

Ya'll.. I recently read about Vivian Maier and the discovery of her unknown photography in 2007. I am just…so enthralled by this story and had to share it here on the blog.

A film about her secret life as a street photographer is touring the country and I really, really, REALLY hope I can go watch it when it's in Atlanta April 18th. Maybe one day I can see her work in person too!