Friday, February 28, 2014


Ya'll… it's the last day of February. How did that happen?! Where did the time go? Oh time. Time is what I need more of, among other things. :) My schedule has been so busy lately, busier than ever before. That leaves blogging at the bottom of my priority list. HOWEVER, I am determined to keep at it when I can. It's so important to me my family's stories and adventures are documented in some way so we can share them with others and remember them for years to come.

Now back to January…

Zach celebrated his 33rd birthday January 23rd. My MIL Cindy planned a big surprise and brought Allie to Atlanta for Zach's birthday weekend. It was SOOO great to have both of them in town with us for an unexpected visit.

Surprising Daddy
 And he was very surprised :)
And excited
 Over the moon really :) Haha
Can't tell at all these three are related.
We spent the weekend going to some of our favorite places, like this restaurant - Sun in my Belly down in Decatur.

Fancy french toast
Gotta get coffee at Dancing Goats.
And gotta go shoe shopping for Daddy's birthday. While at DSW, I found these awesome t-straps for Allie for only $12!
 Doesn't she have the best shoe collection for a 13 yr old? I am jealous.
Love her.

 And of course we played some Clue with Nana!
Zach's actual birthday morning was spent cozy by the fire, enjoying his coffee, and his new book-
 Oh dear Lord what have I done?!
This winter we have also experienced a good bit of really cold weather, ice, and snow. So much so we had a few days off from work.
Not sure why, but the cold weather and snow days just make me wanna bake! In the past few weeks I've whipped up some of my favs, including this coffee cake for my new mama friend Megan
 and apple cranberry cobbler for Zach and I. Yes, this dish is sitting on snow!

The first weekend in February was a big one for our church. Zach's new campus finally opened and it was a great first Sunday. 
 Our pastor Kevin Myers also released his first book, Home Run. Go get 'chu a copy :)
On Valentine's Eve, Zach and I decided to get fancied up and head downtown for a night on the town. Even though there was still snow on the ground, it didn't stop me from throwing on some peep toe heels (which I never get to wear anymore). 
 Love my guy.
 Sweet, sleepy city at sunset.
Zach and I decided to go to Rathbun's, one of Kevin Rathbun's well-known restaurants. It. Was. So. Good. Such a fun night!
Allie flew in on Valentine's Day for the 3-day weekend and we had a few love-ly surprises for her. One was this Valentine's Day gift- a new dress inspired by her love of Venice. Can't you just imagine her riding on a gondola in this?!
I seriously love wrapping presents. 
 Paper hearts made out of vintage maps.
 Since it was Valentine's Day, the only way to properly greet Allie off the plane was with a bouquet! It cracked me up that Zach carried the flowers in his backpack until we got to the gate.
 Waiting to wow his girl.
The card Zach picked out for her was AAADORABLE. The front cover looked like a page from an old dictionary and the inside said this-
So cute. 
Since Al loves the movie Titanic (and I mean crazy, obsessive loves it) I decided to throw her a Titanic-themed Valentine's Day party. It was so fun to come up with this invitation, entertainment, and thematic menu items. 

 Our fine dessert dining included "heart of the ocean" oreos, "take her to sea" truffle tarts, and "lasting love" key lime cakes.
 We also had some lovely beverage options, courtesy of our sponsor, White Star Line. :)

 And of course we had lots and lots of roses because… well, duh… Kate Winslet's character is Rose. :)
She's excited!
 So much so she's got a rose on her nose. Haha Not really. But sort of.
 Besides the desserts and actually watching Titanic, the "artist in love" sketching session was definitely a highlight. Our friends Justin and Jenny also attended the party and joined in to sketch a picture of something Valentine's Day/ Titanic/ or love related.
 I drew a street scape of Paris
 Allie drew a detailed picture of Rose from the movie

And Zach… well he surprised us all and whipped up this lifelike rose. Who knew he could draw like this?!
It was most assuredly a happy Valentine's Day for our family of three!
 The rest of our weekend was spent just hanging out and exploring some new places. Allie got her hair trimmed up by my favorite stylist in the world, Lisa Dale.
 It's always a fun time in Studio Philisa!
 Isn't she just the loveliest 13 yr old?

So happy.
Zach, Allie, and I also took our maiden voyage to downtown Norcross and, as the sign says, we… had a sparkly winter day.
 45 South Cafe
 Oh my goodness - look what I found while we were perusing the Taste of Britain shop! Someone please buy me Downton tea!
 How did I end up with these two movie stars?!
 We also went to our first laser tag place in Georgia and it did not disappoint. In fact, it might have been the best one we've ever been to because it was pirate themed!
Pirate stance.
Laser tag arena. So fun. 
In addition to the laser tag, they also had this laser maze experience where you have to try and climb through a web of lasers like… like you are breaking into a bank vault or something. Haha! Allie ended up schooling all of us on this one and beating all our times by a long shot. :)

Me and my girl Al love some t strap flats.
 Seriously love conversations with her. You never know where it's gonna go. :)
Also this weekend Allie left a sweet note for Zach in the doorway to her room. (It was so cute I had to share it). The night before, Allie had accidentally left her door locked.  Zach had teased her about being a teenager now and locking the door so this was her response. :)
 Two peas in a pod.
 On Monday Allie and I had an unexpected adventure at the airport when her flight was delayed. Can't you see how jazzed we are to spend a few extra hours in these chairs?! (Actually I was. I love time with Al!)
We passed the time drawing together. Like literally drawing pictures together, taking turns adding features and naming these odd looking characters.
 On this one, she drew the left side and I drew the right.
It turned out to be really fun and a great way to work on something creative together. I don't know if I've ever seen someone who loves to draw more than Allie. She will spend countless hours working on one face and has such a great eye for detail. I love this creative cat, our many escapades together, and I can't wait for our Spring Break trip in just a few weeks! Stay tuned :)