Friday, January 3, 2014

Sayonara 2013

So before I fully get into the swing of 2014, I must recap the end of 2013 for our family of three. It was a strange year for numerous reasons. It was a pretty hectic month, BUT... I did get the tree up...

(small preview of the new Kale Manor haha)
and stockings hung
front door lookin' cheery
and finally all the gifts wrapped. WHEW!

I also did manage to remember to buy our annual ornament. Each year since Zach and I got married I add a special ornament to our tree, tagged for the year it was added. This year I could not resist the most adorable fox I have ever seen. Doesn't he just make you smile?

Perfect for the "What Does The Fox Say" viral video year don't you think? :)

To our delight, Zach and I did not have to work Christmas Eve. We ended up spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Alabama with Zach's mom before picking up Allie and heading back home. For Christmas, Zach surprised me with a light fixture I had been drooling over for our new kitchen-

(preview #2 of Kale Manor)
I seriously cannot wait for it to come in and finish off our little kitchen project! More pics to come later on...

Allie also surprised us with a thoughtful gift-
a homemade natural beauty kit, including body scrub, assorted soaps, lip balm, proper face washing instructions and ancient beauty facts! Love her diverse creativity.
We also had a few surprises up our sleeve for Allie this year, including brunch with Uncle Ian and Nana before heading to Georgia. I am sure Allie found our conversation fascinating, but you would not have known it due to her cross-stitching. Haha She cracks me up. "To each his or eh... her own", yes? :)
Present time back at the ranch!
This year I decided to limit Allie's gifts to a want, a need, a wear, and a read. Her want ended up being a Mongolian lamb's hair pillow from West Elm she had fallen in love with earlier this year. Needless to say she was beyond pumped to have one of her very own for her new bedroom.
She also got this really cool book on how to draw people from my MIL. Allie loves to draw so it's no surprise I found her hard at work the next morning already perfecting her technique.
 New gifts arranged on her dresser
(Side story: Another morning I walked in Allie's room looking for her and found this in her bed. Cracks me up every time I look at this photo. She's a trip. )
Her "wear" item were these vintage booties. Don't you wish they came in your size too? :)
 And I also snagged these cool kicks on major clearance at Target. I just couldn't resist. Shopping for Allie is so fun. Haha
 Since Allie loves to cook and create in the kitchen, my parents got her the most adorable Rifle Paper Company recipe box, recipe cards, and a gorgeous Anthro apron since we so often admire them in the store. Watch out kitchen, here comes Allie!
Allie also got such a thoughtful gift from my MIL - a new bell for our house. For those of you that don't know, our old house had a bell on the back deck that Allie would ring every time she entered or exited the house. It became her thing and something we looked forward to hearing every time she was home. My MIL found this vintage bell for Al to put up at our new house and we all love that this tradition lives on in a new way.
This past week we also enjoyed a number of movies together. I love in-theatre dining experiences so it was fun to take Allie for the first time.
 Zach enjoying his favorite chair (Eames lounge) before our movie.
 So good! I love Mary Poppins!
Movie fans
We even went back New Years Day to see The Hobbit! 
Zach's mom ended up spending a few days with us back in Atlanta and we were so thrilled to have her. We are so blessed to have such a great mom/MIL/Nana in our life!
Isn't it crazy how similar the three of them look? (Ignore the beard...)
My parents came into town on Saturday and we had a grand time with them as well. Mom and Dad have been very busy working on two home projects for us - a new kitchen island and a kitchen table. Allie got in on the table assembly action...

(House preview pic #3)
It hasn't been stained yet, but isn't the new table awesome? They did a great job! And the island... it's made all the difference in our kitchen! More pics coming soon :)
 Zach and Allie assembling the desk that goes between the kitchen and formal dining.
After church on Sunday we loaded up in the car and headed for Elijay to visit some family. Allie loved playing with Daisy, my aunt and uncle's dog. I told Allie to smile for the picture and Daisy stole a kiss!
 Zach and Allie went on a short hike by the stream before dinner. I love the adventurous nature of these two cats.
We had a great time with our family near and far (thanks for the ribs Don!) and even got Mom in on a couple games of Clue before they left Tuesday. Allie loves this game and I dare say so does the game-hater Zachary Kale! Haha! This is the ONLY game we play as a family, but it never gets old.
We "kicked in the new year" fairly quietly, just a cozy night at home in front of the fire, enjoying yummy goodies and watching movies. 
Oh and let's not forget a sparkling grape juice toast at midnight!
And our NYE spread - prosciutto-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese, little smokies, zucchini fritters, and sliders.
Allie and I spent the beginning of 2014 exploring our new little town. 

It was a rather imPromPtu P Day, PoPPing in the local shops and even getting some Pie! We were pleasantly surprised with all the little treasures we found in the quaint shops. Our favorite was Peace, Love, and Decorating!

 That buck has earrings and eye lashes.

Fun with fur.
 Things we loved...

LUUURVE these chairs. And this pic of Al.

Aaaand last, but not least, the pie shop! 
Allie picked the pecan! Perfect for P Days :)
Love love love ending 2013 with this girl and starting 2014! I can't wait to see what God has in store for our family and this new adventure in Atlanta!

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