Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Manor Makeover

So it's snowing. Or rather, it has been snowing and sending all of Atlanta into quite the tizzy. Lucky for me I got home with no traffic and even made it to the grocery store before they closed up early. Even though I know many people have experienced difficulty and major delays because of the snow… I love it. There's something warm, exciting, and inspiring about snow when you live in a part of the country it rarely happens.

Here's a shot of our snowy new abode, what I comically call Kale Manor. :)
And the park across the street from us.
And speaking of Kale Manor… I have been working hard to make this new house our home. This snowy night feels like the night to share some of my favorite details thus far and some of my dreams for the future. I am hoping to borrow a lens and take some decent interior shots soon so I can show some before and afters, but for now, here's what I got. :)

This go around, Zach and I decided to go with a neutral, almost monochromatic scheme in our primary living areas. That's the beauty of having all neutral furniture - you can change the look and feel of your interior very easily.

I am completely in love with our new Moroccan wool area rug
and new throw pillows, half of which I got at WestElm, the other half off Etsy. (I am a snob and will only use pillow covers with zippers and down feather inserts.)
The kitchen in our new house is pretty small compared to our old one in Charlotte. Lucky for me, mom and dad whipped up a new kitchen island to provide me with the storage, work surface area, and bar I needed to love this space. It works soooo much better now! More pics coming soon after the new light is installed!
Mom and dad also built us a new kitchen table. I am still in the process of finishing it, but I love how it turned out and these chairs…love love love!
It's no secret that I love hosting guests. I truly want people's experience in my home to be one that is refreshing and special. Because of this, I go to extra… sometimes excessive :) lengths to ensure people have a lovely time. Our guest bathroom is no exception. Besides the rainmaker shower head, fluffy bathrobe, and towel warmer, my favorite things about this space are:

1. the table lamp. Forget the night light and go for a real lamp. I love soft lighting in a bathroom! 
2. the mirror on the mirror. Most newer homes have large sheet mirrors that stretch the length of the counter top. In an attempt to dress it up and create a focal point, we attached a lightweight framed mirror on top of it. Looks great and adds that little touch of luxury I was looking for. 
3. the toiletries. If you visit us and forget your shampoo or tooth brush, no worries, we've got you covered. I am a sucker for good branding so I have fallen in love with these toiletry items, all of which are available on Amazon except the sugar scrub scoops (Etsy).  
And now for the wish list…

1. There are still a few furniture pieces I would love to add to my collection. One being, the classic wishbone chair. I have always loved Hans Wegner pieces and this is one of my favs. It is such a delightful little accent chair that is so versatile.
2. Our formal dining room is still a work in progress, but I would love to make a custom box valance this shape to dress up the window treatments and make the space feel more custom.
3. Since our house is in a… how shall I put it… "high density neighborhood", our neighbors are really close by. Because of this, some of our rooms (namely the master bath and kitchen) have very striking views of exterior siding and cluttered decks. :) I would LOVE to maximize daylight and privacy by using window film instead of privacy blinds. I love this custom map of London and hope to have it on my kitchen window one day.

 Lace window film
4. I have yet to take on our powder room on the main level, but I am thinking… I want it stenciled. Like this. Anybody wanna help me? :)

 5. I also have high hopes of one day getting around to redoing the laundry room and making it totally fabuloso. This is my inspiration. :)
Or maybe this :)
My fabulous MIL is currently reupholstering the chair in Allie's room, but I am hoping our next reupholstery project can be the ottoman/bench in the master bedroom that is in desperate need of a sprucing up. I am thinking about getting this Robert Allen fabric (seen on the sofa below) to compliment the throw pillows we already have on the bed.
Existing pillows
Making a house a home is an ongoing task, but one I love. There are so many ideas and projects bouncing around my head for this place! It brings me such joy though to create interesting and comfortable spaces that are a retreat for our family and friends.

So what's your favorite space in your home? Or your next DIY project on the books? I'd love any tips if you have experience stenciling, applying window film, or finishing wood furniture. :)


  1. LOVE IT! And my laundry room vote is the bottom pic. Can't wait to visit you!!!

  2. Great photos of the new place! Just got done reading up on your blog and had a quick question. I was hoping that you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks!

    Emily : )