Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Sum Up

Wow. Has life been strange lately. My sister's memorial services were last weekend and before I get into all that, I wanted to sum up the rest of our summer with Allie. It does my heart good to remember these precious times with my family. 
This summer Zach and Allie had A LOT of Daddy-Daughter time. Every Monday night they would go do something while I hosted my discipleship group. The last D-D date of the summer took them to the golf course so Allie could drive a cart for the very first time. Oh what fun :)

These two had loads of fun and Allie even snapped some stellar photos on her camera (which I would have posted, but I haven't uploaded them yet).

Summer wouldn't be summer without some fro-yo.
Allie playing solitaire while I worked from the dining room.
Allie and her partners in crime, Emma and Annie, playing in the computer lab :)
Justin and Jenny's dog Moose has grown quite a bit since they got him last fall. That doesn't stop Allie though. She loves to play in the yard with Moose and would do it all night long if we let her!

Shopping with Allie. This girl loves Rifle Paper Co. products almost as much as me. :)
Admiring all things lovely in Anthro, the place we go to dream...
Amazing aprons. Why don't they make these into dresses too?

If we ever redo Allie's bedroom we are all in agreement it should look like this. :)

A delightful book we will pick up at some point or another.
This girl can seriously pull off ANY hat!
I think Allie's Anthro inspiration was channeled into this outfit. Ha! This girl loves to create quirky, vintage, feminine outfits. There's no limit to her accessories, but somehow, no matter what she pairs together, she always looks adorable. :)

Dinner time is a favorite time for us. Gosh we love this beautiful young lady sitting between us every night!

Family devo time. Another sacred family activity that has meant a lot to all of us.
And the same daddy that can lead incredible family devotions and be Allie spiritual leader is also the same daddy that climbs into this window and acts like a goofball. Gosh we love him so much. :)
A special lunch downtown at 7th Street Market.

What an adorable delivery cart! I love it!
Allie and her friends also wrote letters back to their pen-pals at Challenge Farm in Kenya and they did such an amazing job making their cards special.

Emma's letter to Rebecca

Allie's letter to Ruth
and Annie working on her card for Lillian!

Zach and I also took the little ladies to WholeFoods for a pop run since it was raining and the pop man wasn't out at his normal spot. This time I tried Key Lime Pie and oh my goodness... is it divine!
Crazy for pops

We love pops!!!
Annie and Allie sitting on the escalator eating pops as Zach walks up it. Haha I love how much fun there is to be had in the most average of places.
Our family has certainly had a surplus of love, laughter, and fun this summer. Allie's friend Emma is particularly humorous and sent Allie a very funny video performed in this costume.
Allie returned the gesture by creating this look and making her own short, silly film.

Since Allie was dressing up and putting on old costumes of mine, Zach decided to join in. Who do you think he looks like?!
Creepy right?
So glad these 3 had so much quality fun together this summer. I am forever grateful for the friends and families God has brought into our lives here in Charlotte. It is a blessing beyond my wildest dreams!
It's no surprise that this is how they felt about their upcoming separation as Allie headed back to Alabama. Ha! Such drama. :) But I know Allie knows how much she is loved, cherished, and valued here in Charlotte and that's really all I can ask for.
Thank you God for such a great summer. Thank you for challenging all of us. Thank you for drawing us closer and closer. Thank you for constantly making us better and better parents. Thank you for going before us and coming after us and carrying our burdens. Thank you for being at the center of our family and for leading us in the way we should go. Thank you for the countless blessings of friends and family and community that walk besides us through life and encourage us to be less like us and more like you. Thank you for embracing us where we are and loving us unconditionally. I can't wait to see how God uses our family to bring him glory and love his world over the next year! There are so many more adventures to be had!

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