Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Piercing Party

A few weeks ago Allie and I headed to the mall to celebrate the ear piercing of her friend Emma. Yes you heard me right. Ear piercing is a BIG deal for these tweens and Emma wanted Allie by her side for it. We had a blast at Clarie's browsing all the jewelry and fun glasses.
Allie and Emma rockin' the fake glasses
Annie. Haha These were my favorite.
Had to get Allie a pair. Had to :)

Allie was SO sweet and brought Emma a bear from her bedroom to hold while the piercing happened. This bear (Ruggles) has been with me since the 4th grade! He is a great friend in times of trouble. :)
A bit nervous, but taking it like a champ.
Done and done!

Allie, Ms. Christy, Emma, and Annie post-piercing! All smiles!
Afterwards we did a little shopping. Girls on the prowl haha
Allie getting into the music in the dressing room at Delia's

Success! Love having girl time with her and friends :)
Afterwards our party of 5 went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. Oh yeah. This was the best part!

Good memories made with great friends! I love the summer!

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