Thursday, July 18, 2013

'P' is for Pop

P Days. Oh P Days. The best time a stepmom and daughter can have together! :) Our last P Day of the summer was a P Day lunch, shopping trip, and hunt for the pop man. I'll explain. :) In my attempt to try some new 'p' stuff, I gave Allie the option of eating at various 'p' restaurants - The Penguin, a historic diner in Plaza Midwood, Pike's Old Fashioned Soda Shop (also famous, but mostly because it's been used in a few movies), and The Peculiar Rabbit, a farm-to-fork gastropub. Which fabulous option did she choose you ask? 'Potle. Yup that's right. And very creative. Ha! This girl loves Chipotle more than Zach and I (which I didn't think was possible) and so... it was our P Day lunch destination!

Carnitas/Barbacoa salad (that's right I do half and half meats... and it's sooo good)

After lunch we browsed all the lovelies in West Elm. Love this store and being inspired with Allie.
Succulents. My favorite plants.
Interesting texture
 The perfect tote for Allie haha
Playing in mirrors
Goldware?! Mind. Blown.

Her favorite thing in the whole place was this Mongolian lamb's hair pillow. Kinda creepy, but really comfy. Ha!
 Paper flowers.

And after our shopping we headed over to Central Coffee to the pop stand with the pop man. Except the pop man wasn't there when we got there. And so we waited....and waited....and WAITED.... (and worked on our 'p'atience :)) and came up with a cheesy pop man song we were practically screaming by the time he actually showed up! Haha But it was well worth the wait (and we had loads of fun in the car anyway :))
 King of Pops is seriously the best, handmade, all natural, local pops out there! So amazingly delicious!

Allie got chocolate sea salt and I got blackberry cream. First bite!
So tasty

Love these pops, love p days, and love this girl more than words can say!

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