Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Night on the Town

This past weekend Zach and I were given an extravagant gift - a staycation at the Westin in downtown Charlotte and night out on the town. Ya know I've never done the whole staycation thing, but it was really fun and such a nice break from our regular life in South Park. :)

(Charlotte Westin on the far left)
The staycation actually started with some pops on our way to downtown (wahoo King of Pops!)

Our room at the Westin was a corner room on the 23rd floor facing downtown.
The view was great :)
Saw this on the bathroom mirror. I've never seen a hotel offer you gym clothes and shoes before, but I think it's a totally brill idea.
Since this past week was the Queen's Feast restaurant week, we decided to go to Chima, a brazilian steakhouse, for dinner. It was such a treat and a great way to celebrate our friend Justin's birthday with him and his wife Jenny.
Wow. And "yes please" is all I can say about our dinner here.
Afterwards we headed to Amelie's for some sweet treats. I know, shocking we had any room left after stuffing our faces at Chima. :)

The next morning I enjoyed yet another fabulous treat - breakfast at the Ember Grille. So good! (And yes, I need to skip a few meals this week to make up for all of this. Haha)

Waiting for our car to head to work on Monday :)
Words cannot express our gratitude to our friends for making this relaxing getaway possible. I am still so overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness towards us as we have gone through some difficult times this summer. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope one day we can do this for someone else and pay it forward. :)

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