Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Vacay 2013 Part 2

After part 1 of our vacay (see previous post) and visiting Lindsay on Wednesday, we headed over to Amelia Island.

Allie's first frapp. Oh boy.
Our home for the next three days was the Elizabeth Pointe Lodge, a quaint and cozy inn right on the beach. This getaway is ranked #9 on Travel & Leisure magazine's list of Top Inns and Small Lodges in the US!

Love the hallways!
Reading up on all there is to do!
Like most lodges, inns, and b&b's, they are designed for 2 people per room, but provide an Aero bed for your third guest. Allie of course loved this, but decided she would forgo the bed so she could make a tent with it! (Hilarious and harmless Zach reminded me. lol)
Here she is conked out in her tent. :)
Sunset on the Amelia River
Delicious pizza at Arte Pizza!
We spent our first night there walking on the beach. Doesn't the lodge look so cozy?
On our walk, Allie found some humongous shells.
See how big they are? And she found them in the dark!
After returning to the lodge we decided to order in some desserts and play Scrabble. I love my chocolate-loving family!

Scrabble and Snickers Pie
Fudge brownie dessert.
The EPL is really great. They provide everything from a full breakfast to beach towels, umbrellas, bikes, and more. Allie and I loved eating breakfast here each morning overlooking the ocean.

Breakfast of beach-goers (and a real newspaper!)
Beach time!

Al stored her sunhat in the umbrella so it wouldn't blow away

This particular spot on Fernandina Beach was pretty unpopulated so it was really relaxing and restful.

The beach was really shelly. Haha Get it?
No really it was.

Always looking for shells.

This girl loves waves. Loves swimming. Loves the beach!
Fear the beard.
After some time at the beach we decided to take a bike ride through Fort Clinch State Park and check out the fort.

Bike shed at EPL

 Ready to roll!
 Love the quality time these two have together.

 Fort Clinch.
We arrived!

This fort was built in the mid 1800s after the Second Seminole War.

As you can see, it was never fully completed.

 Cumberland Island (that we visited last year) is in the distance across the inlet.

Some of the rooms had furniture and accessories to show visitors how they would have been used. I loved this versus many other old forts that are just empty rooms now.

1864 US Flag (35 stars)
Stuff soliders were given. So cool!

Learning to play a flute

 Old canned food. Love the labels!
Lone solider.

Allie did great on the ride even though it was hot!
We also explored Fernandina Beach (the town) on the Amelia River. We loved how different this town felt from most Florida cities.

Court house
 Post office
Zach in a bookstore
 Pirate shop!
Lots of sealife for sale

 And vacation wouldn't be vacation without a little froyo :)
 Victorian homes

 Beautiful church
Afternoon nap
And our last night on Amelia was spent in competition at Island Falls Adventure Golf!

 Game faces

I am proud to say that Zach and I tied for the win! :) On Friday morning Allie and I enjoyed another awesome breakfast, but this time it was on the wrap-around porch! Can't beat this!

Love succulents.
Before we headed back to Jax to see Lindsay, we went horseback riding on the beach with Debbie from Ride the Beaches of Amelia Island. Words cannot express how awesome this was and how there's no better place to go horseback riding than the beach!

 Allie ready to ride Jenny

 Me on Socks!

Debbie on Diamond and Zach on Jess
 Girl on beach with birds

 Al and Zach
Diamond and Jenny were good friends so they stayed close together. This worked out great so Debbie could give Allie some riding lessons as we went along.

In the surf

I love riding in the water and so does Socks!

We all really had the best time. We even got to run the horses a bit which was so fun in such a big area. This is definitely better than any standard trail ride offered in the mountains!
All in all we had a great time on Amelia Island. So thankful for my family and the opportunity to take a vacation together each summer! 

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