Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Vacay 2013 Part 1

Ya know life is funny. Or maybe God is funny. Or maybe it's both. Either way I think it's interesting we originally were planning to go to the USVI or California this summer, but just due to logistics decided to stay more local. I never would have thought that it would be such a critical time in Lindsay's journey or realized how much I needed to see her, but our vacation this year was perfect for visiting Lindsay not just once, but twice! (Remind me of this when I seem to forget God's sovereignty.) I am so grateful for these precious moments with all our family gathered (even Aunt S, Uncle L, Gin, and Momso) for what is likely the last time. All of that still feels like such a dream, but I know we are not the first family or the last to endure something such as this. It all just makes me so incredibly thankful for Jesus and grace through Christ.

Anyways, this post was suppose to be about vacation...

Last year we did a multi-stop week long vacay on the southern coast of the US. It was awesome, but Zach wanted something a little bit more chill than packing up each day and heading off to a new place. Since we loved Savannah last year, and specifically the Mansion on Forsyth Park, we wanted to return for a few days this time instead of one.

Love these headboards.

My napping chair

Afternoon sun
Allie readin' up
And relaxin'
Glittery bathroom
So we tried to find a new restaurant to eat dinner at, but we were destined for a return trip to Lady & Sons and it did not disappoint!

Always new "Hey Ya'll" paraphernalia

Ready for the buffet!
Yellow and brown food = tasty, but unhealthy. Ha!
Can't come to this place without consuming buttery bread products!
Post Paul Deen buffet face. Haha
My Savannah dream house... and it's for sale!
Lovely live oaks and drippy Spanish moss
On Tuesday we had lunch at B. Matthews on Easy Bay Street. It was good, but the ambiance was better.
Walking down River Street

Georgia Queen riverboat
Scariest bridges ever. Who lives here?!
The Paris Market. Swoon.

Love love love this place!

Loose leaf tea bar

Velvet ribbon

Vintage place settings
Dried roses by the basketful
Picking out a bag of vintage jewelry!
Savannah Bee Company! One of our favorite shops.

Fresh everything. Amazingly flavorful.
Honey straws. Genius idea for single servings.
Honey soap
This is the one we bought to try!
Honeypot luminarie (no candle)
Honeypot luminarie (with candlelight) This one is Allie's fav.
Trying out stylish recliners at 24e.
We love terrariums!
And animal trophies.
Aaand ice cream at Leopold's!
Where it all began.

Chocolate chocolate chip for me and Al.

The Foxy Loxy coffee shop. So cute.

I think all three of us would agree that our favorite thing from this trip to Savannah was going to the Pirate House! We loved this place! It has an incredible history and fascinating folklore. 

Shrimp and grits app. Yes please. 
 Scrumptious biscuits
Amazing shrimp creole
Fierce pirate #1
After our meal we enjoyed a very thorough tour of the establishment from this passionate pirate. He stayed in character the whole time and it was really awesome. 

 Anne Bonny mural
 First edition of Treasure Island
 Being told ghost stories in the oldest house in Georgia, the Herb House.

Arrgg!!! We love pirates and the Pirate House!
Our time in Savannah was well spent, restful and followed by a few days in Amelia Island. Stay tuned for more pics of the rest of our trip!

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