Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Summer. Summer is the time of year Zach and I live for because it's the time of year we have Allie the longest. Five glorious weeks. Way shorter than we'd like, but we definitely make the most of it. :) Luckily the blog helps me remember all we do throughout the year, but especially the summer.  I've just got to make time to write it down before I forget!

The weekend of Allie's arrival was a very busy one. Zach was leading worship at the annual CTO Conference (Coach's Time Out) and we also were both coordinating the wedding of our pastor's son. Zach was responsible for the ceremony music and I was doing the ceremony decor. It was a totally crazy time, but I am so thankful all three of us were able to be apart of both these special events!

The CTO conference was held at the Ballantyne Resort this year. It was super nice because Allie and I got to enjoy the luxurious amenities including the pool!

Family fun in the fish eye mirror

Cool old phone in elevator lobby
Eating chocolatey desserts in our hotel room... and talking. Ha!
 Is that Zach or Abe Lincoln over there?!
Ballantyne Hotel (biggest hotel pool in Charlotte, even though you can't tell from this shot)
The pool overlooks the golf course
and geese in the sand trap!
 Pool gear
My view, floating in the pool. So. Nice. 
There were only a few other people at the pool so Allie and I had the best time - swimming, playing games, and just laying out relaxing. This is the life! :)

Sunday morning was full of church and wrapping of the conference. I am so glad that Allie has great friends in Charlotte! It is seriously such a blessing in her life - especially when they can create and pretend together!

I am also thankful for lovely young ladies like Brisa (Allie's lifegroup leader) who are awesome role models in her life. Forest Hill has brought so many amazing people into the lives of all three of us!
Sunday afternoon/evening was a blur due to all the wedding stuff. The ceremony set turned out great (more/better pics coming soon from Lindsay Alexander Photography) but here is the gist - 
Lots of candles, mercury glass, and roses.
Allie with AG - the adorable flower girl!
Allie helping me blow out allllll the candles after the ceremony. It was a big job!
And then after all our hard work was done, it was partay time at the reception! 
Gorgeous cake, savory food, and incredible ambiance at this celebration!

Oh and don't forget dancing. Allie had a BLAST hanging out with a group of friends at the reception. They danced the night away and were sad to call it quits when the parents needed to go to bed. Lol!
 Me and the bearded man
So happy for you Jessie and DB! We are blessed to have been a part of your night and even more blessed to call you friends!

And our whirlwind weekend didn't end there since we left for vacation the very night morning! Whew! I'm exhausted just writing about it! Stay tuned for vacation pics coming soon! :)

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