Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Come Back Soon

Lately as I've been grieving, I've been listening to Tara Leigh Cobble's new worship album called "Come Back Soon". TLC is a treasured friend I know because of Lindsay. They met many moons ago when both of these adventurous ladies were having a love affair with New York City. Over the years, Tara Leigh and I have become friends and she is the reason I lead a DGroup that has brought 12+ incredible ladies into my life over the last year. She and Zach have actually combined their creative songwriting power on a few projects as well. They've written a couple songs together now, most notably Isaiah 61 (first song on Zach's worship album called"One").

Tara Leigh's love for Christ radiates from every cell in her body and I am not only grateful to know her, but be exposed to her music and writing (She writes book's too. See how her book Orange Jumpsuit was used in my life the day of Lindsay's craniotomy last year). Come Back Soon is a beautiful plea for Christ's second coming and honestly, I couldn't agree more.

Please do yourself a favor and buy her album. The sweet melodies and meaningful lyrics have really encouraged me during this difficult time with Lindsay. On it are a few Zachary Kale collaborations (as well as background vocals) so if you are interested in hearing the new, female arrangement of Isaiah 61 then Come Back Soon is a must!
Thanks TLC for your ministry and friendship. Both mean so much to me.

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