Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zero George

Zach and I recently had the pleasure of stumbling across a delightful new hotel in Charleston called the Zero George Street. I am hesitant to blog about it because:

• it is new and a little unknown
• it only has 16 rooms (2 are suites)
• it is awesome
• and we don't want it unaccessible to us because it's constantly booked by other people! Ha!

However, it's just too good to keep a secret. And it's no secret that we are boutique hotel snobs so our impromptu trip to Charleston put me at a disadvantage. Most of the places I knew of that were "worth the trip" were already fully booked. Lucky for us I randomly came across this new 16-room little gem and it is now our home away from home when we are in Charleston.
The hotel is an incredible blend of traditional, historic architecture and modern luxury. Set in a private courtyard, the hotel is actually a collection of 5 restored historic residences still boasting their weathered facades, old wood floors, and airy piazzas. 

That, paired with new innovative bathrooms and fine furniture and finishes make this place feel like a high end vacation rental with hotel service. Even though it is along the northern fringe of the downtown attractions, it is easily within walking distance of almost everything you'd want to visit on a trip to Charleston. 

The Zero George has a lot of extra little details we really appreciated. Things like:

• complimentary breakfast, evening wine & cheese, and drinks (in the guest room refrigerators)

• lovely outdoor living space 

• a quaint indoor cafe and seating area upstairs 

• and a Miele coffee system in the cafe so Zach could make cappuccinos and lattes at his convenience 

In the guest rooms:
• dimmers on all the lighting
• outlets everywhere 
• thoughtful built-in storage (with mini frig)
• decorative fireplaces
• original (ish) door hardware and old key (instead of a card reader)
• a lovely array of fabrics, furniture, and finishes

• and lets not forget those open-air piazzas :)

I would love for Zach and I to be able to return for our anniversary next year. If we do, I look forward to taking one of their gourmet cooking classes (held on the grounds in their state-of-the-art kitchen) and also taking a ride around town in a London cab! The perfect, celebratory getaway if I do say so myself!

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