Monday, April 8, 2013

Local Living

Spring has finally decided to show up in Charlotte! Wahoo! I love this time of year and am anxious to see full trees with new green leaves all over town. Unfortunately, I have apparently developed some allergy problems so being outside is a bit less enjoyable than I would like. Zach has been battling allergy problems for years and recently we have turned to nature to help with this problem.

Rumor has it that eating local honey (produced within 7 miles of your home) can help alleviate allergy problems. Last week Zach and I found a local beekeeper right here in Charlotte, about 5 miles from our home in the Myers Park/Elizabeth area. We had a lovely time with Libby, the beekeeper, and taste-testing their available products and flavors. I also recently watched the documentary, Vanishing of the Bees, and it was so fascinating! I'm all about some beekeeping now. Ha!

We ended up purchasing their basic liquid honey to help with our issues. The honey is delicious and I hope this helps us both! I really love the local, natural lifestyle of getting food from your backyard (so to speak) rather than commercial grocery stores that have shipped in products from all over the world. I am in the process of trying to find some local produce options for our family that aren't crazy expensive or highly limited in variety. One such resource I want to try out is Backyard Produce that delivers in our area. Has anyone ever used them before?

I also have decided to create a herb wall garden on a side wall in our dining room. Since I'm not totally awesome with plants, I figure this will be a relatively simple way to have fresh herbs at home year-round. This is a small, experimental step towards my dream of having a spectacular vertical wall garden  in my dream home someday (designed by the incredible Patrick Blanc of course).

The much more basic image below is my inspiration for my basic herb garden, but it will look somewhat different. Pics coming soon with my 30th bday home makeover post. :)
And lastly, our holistic, Chinese medicine doc, Dr. Song, has been introducing me to essential oils. I am not looking to go wild with them, but am looking to find creative ways on how to introduce some of the scents that are beneficial to me (such as lavender) into my life through products I use daily. I am thinking about purchasing some local, natural soaps such as these. I love supporting local businesses and products so if anyone has any other resources let me know!

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  1. Their honey is the best...they have some of their hives right behind our house! :) Bianca