Friday, March 22, 2013

Salina the Brave

Last weekend I had the privilege of having my dear friend Salina as a guest in our home. Salina, previously a Charlotte resident, but now an Atlanta resident (for the third time, don't ask) was here because I was putting her to work. You see in addition to being my friend, Salina is our Kids Worship Consultant at FHC. Yes, such a thing exists and yes, such a thing is soooo necessary. Gosh, Salina has brought such incredible change to this area of our ministry and I am so grateful! It warms my heart each month as I see our awesome leaders truly teach kids the meaning and purpose behind singing praise songs to God and dancing around. :) I am honored to lead this area of our ministry and fully realize the huge responsibility of leading 600 elementary schoolers who need to know the God of the universe and why we should ask his son Jesus into our hearts and worship him with our lives.

Anyways, having Salina here was such a breath of fresh air for me. Gosh I love my friend. She's beautiful, smart, passionate, creative, hilarious, athletic, determined, sensitive, a fantastic writer (her blog), a musician and worship leader, and just a fabulous friend and kindred spirit who is near and dear to my heart.
Her husband Clark (pictured with her above) is also a worship leader and incredibly talented musician. Clark is one of the kindest, most gentle-hearted men I've ever met. Zach and I love these two so much and we were beyond bummed when they left our city, our neighborhood (yeah, we were neighbors too!), and our church family back in the fall for greener pastures in Atlanta. Actually, greener pastures is almost quite literally where they are in Powder Springs, GA. Ha!

Anyways, in addition to all her previously stated awesomeness, Salina is a rockstar mom of two little ones - Salem 4 and Mia 2. Beyond her regular supermom powers, I am watching Salina throw on her cape and stand tall in another area as her son Salem was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. The discovery of this and subsequent dealing with this has not been easy, but watching Salina do it with such grace, laughter, vulnerability, and bravery leaves me to believe that she in fact does have real super powers, the kind that can only come from letting God move and change her heart. Her determination to recover Salem from this syndrome is truly inspiring and I admire her even more for how she continually and sacrificially puts her child's needs first.

Salina, I love you and when I look at your life I see such bravery, bravery to handle whatever God sends your way with a smile on your face. Thank you for being yet another testimony of Jesus' transformational power.  I am so grateful God brought our husband's paths together so that we could be lifelong friends. Knowing you makes me feel like one of the richest people in the world because with friends like you, who could ask for anything more? :)

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