Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get Pickin'

Confession time: I am a serial killer.

I kill plants. And lots of them. So far I have killed 6 ferns, 3 succulents, BAMBOO (no one can kill bamboo but me), tropical plants, ivy, creeping jenny, mums, and even some veggies and herbs. And that's just from our Charlotte house. Forget my previous two residences!

My maternal and fraternal grandparents, dad, and my MIL Cindy all have green thumbs. Apparently this gene has skipped our generation and left us with mounds of dead leaves and dry roots.

Honestly, the truth of the matter is that I am forgetful. Plant management requires you to remember to water your plants, groom your plants, get the indoor ones sunlight, and bring in the fragile ones when the weather changes.

I do not do this. Thus, the graveyard of dead things.

The ferns are particularly bothersome to me because they hang from the balcony on the front of our house and make our house look pathetic. Currently, my second batch of three is still hanging there even though they could blend into a desert landscape. One of my biggest challenges with these ferns is actually not myself, or sunlight and water, but birds. Yes birds. Birds love to build nests in my ferns and create more and more birds to inhabit my ferns. (Side note: I should write for Dr. Seuss.) Baby birds in the ferns means I can't bring my ferns inside when it's scorching hot or freezing cold. It even makes watering difficult when I do remember they are hanging up there.

Last fall, when my MIL was here, I remember asking her how to remedy this. "How do I get the birds to stop using my ferns as an extended stay hotel?" Her answer is one that has been rattling around in my mind since September-

"The only thing you can do is pick out the nest. Each day, pull out whatever little pieces are in there so the nest is never formed and the birds can't stay."

Hmm. Immediately the spiritual application of this overwhelmed me and like I said, I'm only now fleshing it out on the blog 6 months later. It occurred to me that bird problems and heart problems have the same remedy. The only way to keep a pest (anger, fear, anxiety,etc) from nesting in your heart is to pick it out - daily. Just like my plants, I gotta keep my heart in check or else before I know it, it can be overgrown with something that can kill my joy, peace, love, etc. and be next to impossible to get rid of. If I want my heart to flourish and be a place that is being transformed by Jesus, then I can't let pests linger, or worse, take root.

So what's growing in your heart? Do you need to start picking things out too? If so, get pickin'.

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