Thursday, March 7, 2013

DGroup Tool Kit

Since last October I have been leading a weekly DGroup (discipleship group) that is a part of a network of groups started by my friend Tara Leigh in Greenville, SC. This journey has been so great for me and the 9 other women traveling down this road with me to know God's Word and his son Jesus more fully. It has significantly impacted my walk with Christ, specifically my Bible reading, Bible comprehension, scripture memorization, prayer life, and more.  Along the way, a number of valuable resources have been brought to my attention that I wanted to share. They might help you if you're traveling down the same road as us. :)

The Bible in 5
This video series gives a 5 minute overview of each book of the Bible. Incredibly helpful to understanding the greater story, the upper story if you will, of God's word.

FaithLife Study Bible app
Get this on your phone or just use the online version (I find the app not very user-friendly so I prefer online). It has tons of additional resources, illustrations, etc for understanding the original text in it's original context instead of trying to force it into ours.

This is another app or online tool. I don't use it because I prefer a printed reading list, but it's great for keeping up with your daily reading schedule or choosing a reading schedule that suits your desired area of study.

Getting to the Bottom of Your Joy
This is an incredible sermon by John Piper that has impacted my way of thinking immensely. Listen to it and your perspective on everything will change.

The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart
If you've ever asked the question, "If God is all powerful and loving, how can there be evil in the world?" or "Is God in control of all things that happen to us or only the good things?" listen to this 5-part sermon series. It's long, but really good.

If you are interested in joining a local DGroup (or starting one if your area doesn't have one) contact Tara Leigh Cobble ASAP! It just might be the best decision you ever make (after surrendering your life to Jesus of course)!.

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