Wednesday, February 20, 2013

V is for Vapiano

This year for Valentine's Day Zach and I had a lovely evening celebrating this day of love. We aren't really into Valentine's Day and honestly just use it as an excuse to go out and have an atypical night! Originally Zach had made reservations at Dresslers, an upscale restaurant with a fabulous view of downtown that had prepared a 4-course Valentine's Day menu, but at the last minute I changed the plans. For some reason, ravioli has become a favorite food of mine. I just love it, but I don't get to eat it often due to it being gluten-full. It's really hard to come by gluten-free ravioli and if anyone knows of any store bought products out there please let me know!

Anyways, all that to say I really wanted to go downtown and eat at Vapiano, a unique and modern italian restaurant.

Drippy, glass chandelier
This restaurant has the longest, most beautiful chalkboard I've ever seen. It's at least 70 feet long!
Waiting to order
Order cards
It wasn't even half as fancy (or 1/3 the price!) of Dresslers, but it was the PERFECT Valentine's spot so I could spoil myself with ravioli and real gluten-full bread. :)

Fresh bruschetta
Zach's alfredo pizza
My ravioli!
And my bread
My hottie getting coffee to-go
Afterwards we went to Harris Teeter so I could get chocolate raspberry cake and Zach could get chocolate chocolate cake.

I love you Zachary Kale and am so lucky to call you my Valentine!

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