Monday, February 11, 2013

Love On Paper

Zach and I are currently in a pretty miserable "Allie drought." Due to our visitation schedule we go long periods of time without seeing her. This is not our wishes, but apparently how it has to be for now.  Not having her home leaves a hole in our lives that cannot be ignored or filled with anything else. There are two times a year that Allie is not with us for an extended period of time and it's honestly... pretty close to unbearable. But with God's help and comfort, we learn to bear it. We don't have many ways to stay in contact with her during these droughts, so mail is an important form of communication. We use it to let Allie know how much we think of her and miss her. Even though it's limited to mostly paper goods, I hope that the love we have in our hearts for her permeates every page and every pen stroke and reaches that precious soul a few states away.

Like last year, we sent Allie a Valentine's Day care package. It's important to us that she feels pursued by Zach as much as possible. Even though she doesn't live with us full time, she still looks to him as her primary male role model and that's a hugely important role for every girl. In addition to her 2012 book
we sent her Valentine cards from each one of us. Zach's was a super cute one with a sheep on it
and mine was a gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. card. I love everything Rifle Paper Co.
Friends of Allie's from Charlotte also sent her Valentine's. On each one they wrote their favorite thing about her:

Zach also sent her the MOST PRECIOUS book ever called Me Without You.
It has the most darling pages full of illustrations and situations that are just incomplete without two, such as

It was the perfect way to tell Allie how we feel when she's not with us. :) In addition, we sent her plantable paper hearts so she can grow some wildflowers
and chocolate. Because Valentine's Day wouldn't be Valentine's Day without chocolate.
Even though it's just "stuff" I hope these small things (like care packages) help Allie get through these droughts too. I know they are hard on her little heart and I pray that God uses these times for good to drawer her nearer to His heart.

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