Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fighting cancer "like a boss"

Two weekends ago I drove down to Florida to visit my sister Lindsay and her husband Steve. Lindsay's been seeing a lot of improvement in her latest symptoms due to steroids so it felt like the right time for me to go down and us have a normal (or pretty close to normal) sister weekend.

On Saturday when I got to Jacksonville, we had dinner with my grandparents who are lifelong Jax residents and my parents who had come up from Deland. I don't get to see my grandparents as often as I'd like so I was super glad they could come to dinner with us.
Me and Lindz
Due to my sister's condition, she now rocks a handicap sticker. I say it's simultaneously awesome and sucky, but she just thinks it's awesome. Ha!
While staying at my sister's house I got to see two of my favorite things - her dog Bella
(who apparently loves me more than anyone else. Yes!) and Zach, but he was only on tv and not in person. :(
I am so grateful that FHC does livestream so I can see my hubby. Ha! Zach and I are rarely if ever apart and when we are, it's pretty unpleasant for us. Ha! I guess that's a blessing?

Anyways, speaking of church... on Sunday we went to Lindsay and Steve's church called Murray Hill, but before that we had a much needed coffee break.
 Lindz and Steve
Windows of Murray Hill
After church and lunch with church friends, we headed out to deliver some flowers. I told Lindsay that when I came down I wanted us to go do something nice/spread some cheer to some other people in need. She thought this was a good idea so she tracked down some addresses of people from her brain cancer group and another family friend struggling with an illness. Aren't the flowers Lindsay bought pretty?
And here's a super sneaky stealth pic of a delivery in process :)
I'm a great backseat rider :)
That night we had a lovely time watching Downton Abbey and I was so proud of myself for not giving a single thing away since I had watched the finale weeks prior.

Anyways, on Monday we just did some shopping while Steve worked and then I whipped up a tasty dinner of Turkey Asian Lettuce Wraps and roasted brussel sprouts. Oh so healthy since Lindsay is eating extremely clean. On Tuesday, before I drove back to Charlotte, I went with Lindsay to all her doctor appointments at Mayo.
This was the first time I have been on the scene for any of her medical stuff (other than her craniotomy last April). Although Mayo is an uber nice medical facility (more like a medical resort!) it was a bit surreal... just realizing that she goes through this so much and gets pricked with needles so much.
After blood work and her trial drug appointment, it was time for her chemo treatment. The tiny bag on the right is her drug, called Avastin, and it costs $10,000 a bag! Praise God for insurance!
I love this pic of her. Haha She seriously does have like the best attitude about all this.
Drip drip drip
At Mayo I discovered Caring Canines, a pet therapy program I had never heard of before. I was blown away that hospitals have professional pets that come visit patients to cheer them up.
And here's one in person!!
All in all, we made the most of our Mayo day before I loaded up in the car to head back to Charlotte.
I am so glad I was able to go down and have this time with my sis. I really am so proud of her and how she is handling everything from diagnosis to treatment to side effects to job/medical leave stuff. Like Robbi (Kid President) says on his pep talk video, she's fighting cancer "like a boss!" and proving to be a pretty inspirational big sister. :) I am so thankful for her and just.. the unique bond of a sister. It has definitely yielded some of the most random, funny, irritating, meaningful moments in my life. And she knows exactly what I'm talking about. HAHA

Anyways, please continue to pray for Lindsay and that God's name is made great through her story.

Until next time Kellers!!!!

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