Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Panthers Game

A few weeks ago, Zach and I went to our very first NFL game here in Charlotte. We aren't huge sports fans, but this was still a big deal to us.

I've been to MLB games, NBA games, NHL games and even a PGA tournament before (all for free mind you!), but never NFL. It wasn't really....a goal to attend one, but when the opportunity came up, we were excited to give it a go. :) Zach is personal friends with the Charlotte Panthers long snapper, JJ Jansen. JJ is so generous that he not only gave us (and two of our friends) tickets, but also field passes and a behind the scenes tour after the game. Thanks JJ! :)

Rushing to the stadium

End zone
So close

Thanks #44!
View from our seats

Game day lunch. So healthy :)

Post game tour with JJ

 Weight room. So fancy.
Thanks JJ for everything! This was a great adventure, made even better by a Panthers win over the Falcons!

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