Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas week

So after Zach and I had a splendid Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together, it was time for the real Christmas celebration to begin with Allie.

Guess who was excited. This girl!
Now that Allie flies unaccompanied, Zach and I have to go through the airport and pick her up at her arrival gate.

Zach on the phone with Al as she taxis in.
She's here!!!

Queen City statue
Gift time!
Allie gave me the most beautifully wrapped presents. Oh, and the gifts inside the wrapping were perfect too! This girl knows me well. :)

Thanks Nana for this awesome blanket!
Zach got a new Mono backpack he'd been wanting.

Dinner for our family of three  (menu posted yesterday)
Followed by watching Elf. So funny and definitely one of our favorite holiday movies.
On Thursday, we decorated ginger cottages (also known as gingerbread houses)
More pics coming soon, but this one of Zach's gingerbread man cracks me up so much.

We also saw the movie, Life of Pi
and took Allie to get her hair cut at Planet 21. For months Allie has been asking to get her hair cut and more specifically to get bangs. We were happy to give her the freedom to choose her own style and Zach wanted to give her the real salon experience. Mary Ellen cuts both my and Zach's hair and we were thrilled to introduce her to Allie. They seem a lot alike. :)

Here's Allie before pic outside the salon...
Looking at hair styles... none of which we will be choosing. :)

 The finished product. Thanks Mary Ellen!
And thanks Daddy for treating Allie!
 Rockstar. (How can you possibly be this fabulous at 12?! I looked like a troll at her age!)
Allie's before and after side by side are a little shocking. She looks absolutely beautiful in both, but she looks so much older in the after! It's bittersweet.
Allie LOVED getting her hair cut. I mean like... a lot. At the end of our week together she told us her favorite part about the whole week was getting her hair cut and "Daddy telling me it was totally fine to do it and enjoy it." Wow. Parenting win! :)
Playing in a staircase
The sky is the limit with these two!
On Friday, my parents and sister and brother-in-law came to stay for a few days. We had another Christmas celebration with them
and they brought us loads of handpicked oranges that we have enjoyed and given away to friends.
That night, we introduced Zach to The Sound of Music since Allie got it on BlueRay from my parents. Can you believe he has never seen it before?!!
While the family was in town we did some shopping which included testing Butter polishes at Nordstrom...
 My fav
and perusing Black Lion...I love these silver platters turned into decor.
Allie got a new turquoise ring.
This girl loves to rock any of her daddy's hats and she totally can. She could wear a paper bag and look gorgeous.
Well.... I don't think I'd call this gorgeous...
Hahaha! I love this funny girl.

One of Allie's favorite things is building forts with her friends at church. Even though we were off of work most the time she was here, I am glad she got a few hours to play with her friends and build something extravagant.

Allie in LifeGroup in the Exploratorium. I am so thankful she can still be a part of this and have community with peers when she is here.
On Monday I took Allie to Polished for our last P Day of the year and her first manicure.
I don't think I had my nails done at a salon until I was in college, but I was overjoyed to pamper my girl with this little delight.

Sparkly light
Picking a polish

Found the perfect one!
The selection: Essie Cantaloupe for Al and OPI Glitzerland for me!

A P Day success :)
Lovely lady!
One of my favorite things ever is seeing Zach and Allie together. These two are seriously like two peas in a pod. Zach "gets" Allie in such a unique way and I am so touched by how he fathers her and douses her in quality time.

Playing a game together

My two favorite people on earth.

Blossoming with beauty inside and out.
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and extended family and humbled that God would give me such a beautiful gift. I hope I can keep this spirit of gratitude on the forefront of my mind year round and not just during Christmas.

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