Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Must Haves and Menus

Wow, do I have LOADS of catching up to do on the blog. Ok... first thing is first... Christmas! Wow, did we have a fantastic Christmas. I love the holidays and everything that comes with it. One of those things is of course the gift- giving season. This year, I came across a number of cool gifts I just had to share here on the blog so check out some of these items when you need to give a gift!

1. Monogrammed rings

This was actually a gift given to me by Zach and I simply adore them. So awesome to keep a reminder of those I love on my hand and in my heart!

2. Fassy scarves
My good friend Kathleen just started this business and they really do have some awesome, affordable scarves. I bought a few of these as gifts for the holidays and they were a big hit!

3. Monogrammed cutting board
Found this on Etsy and it is a unique, custom gift.

4. Wolferman's breads and spreads
I don't know about you, but I love getting gourmet food in the mail. It's awesome and I love giving and receiving Wolferman's english muffins and jams. So good!

5. New dishes and mugs from Anthro

I simply love getting new dishware from Anthro. Thanks mom for the plates! Thanks Lindz for getting all three of us awesome, monogrammed mugs!

5. A year of dates
This Pinterest idea was passed along to me from a friend and I loved it! I made Zach a set of special date cards, one for each month of the year. We obviously go out together more than just once a month, but I wanted to be intentional about doing a special, themed date monthly. So.... wanna know what's in our date future? Here are the custom dates I created for Z...

January: a snow day or smores date 
(spend an afternoon playing in the snow or, if it's not snowing, making smores at the fireplace)

February: a tiny table floor date 
(spend an evening dining like the Romans with floor cushions and wine)

March: mid-week park picnic date 
(pack a picnic and blanket and head to the park for a leisurely meal)

April: city stroll date 
(rent bikes and explore the city on two wheels)

May: new restaurant dinner date 
(spend an evening enjoying a new restaurant in town)

June: a night at the movies date 
(enjoy a night at the movies with your favorite popcorn or go to the dinner movie theatre)

July: best burger and fries date 
(enjoy the best burger and fries in the city, even if they are at different restaurants!)

August: fancy dessert date 
(dress up and enjoy a gourmet dessert at any place in town)

September: outdoor adventure date 
(have an outdoor adventure at the WWC, Greenway, etc)

October: breakfast date 
(have a traditional breakfast out on the town, newspaper included)

November: donut driving date 
(explore new roads and neighborhoods while eating donuts)

December: Christmas lights and coffee date 
(enjoy the sights of Christmas at night while drinking your favorite coffee beverage)

In addition to gift-giving, I love throwing holiday dinner parties... well, any party really! It's so fun to create a lovely dining environment with scrumptious, special, holiday food.

Our Christmas Eve menu was a bit straight forward and easy since both of us had responsibilities at the church most of the night.

Christmas Eve dinner
Earth Fare pizza
garlic bread
vegan chocolate chip cookies

On Christmas Day Zach and I enjoyed a hearty breakfast (breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls)
and a number of our favorite appetizers for dinner.

Christmas Day dinner
goat cheese stuffed dates with proscuitto
parmesan pastry pups
sundried tomato ravioli
crab napoleons
cheese with almonds, crackers, and veal sausage
raspberry truffle tarts

On the 26th, we had our real Christmas dinner with Allie and I whipped up all the fixin's.

Christmas dinner with Allie
loaded mashed potatoes
corn casserole
broccoli casserole
cranberry sauce cobbler
dinner rolls and biscuits
jam up cookies

Oh holiday I love you, but also hate you. Ha! It tastes amazing going down, but most the time makes me feel like garbage after. I am actually looking forward to getting back into our healthy routine in the new year. So long holiday carbs! See you next Christmas :)

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