Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trimming of the Tree

Christmas trees are a huge family tradition for us. For years my dad has driven from Florida to western North Carolina just to get fresh cut trees for our family and family friends. It's an awesome tradition that has brought me my very own gorgeous tree for the 7 years I have lived on my own. I am so grateful to my dad for committing to do this, even in years when it has been hard, and setting up the tree for me/us. Thanks dad!

We got our tree actually before Allie got here for Thanksgiving, but we decorated it as a family the following Saturday while listening to Christmas music (thanks apple tv!). I love moments like these!

Christmas tree decorating started with saying goodbye to Andy the pumpkin.
 Lights first
Down from the attic!

Each year we get at least one new special ornament that I tag for that year so in year's to come we can have a really special collection. Last year's ornament was a snowflake Allie gave us.
This year Allie and I went ornament shopping for the 2012 ornament. We played a little game in the store where we each had 5 minutes to pick out 3 ornaments. Then we would show each other and pick one to be our special one for the year. Allie and I both selected this bird's nest ornament so it was the obvious choice for 2012!
A few other cute ones we picked up include this bird made of yarn
a yellow metal star
 and a silver guitar for Daddy of course!
I loooove sitting in the warm Christmas tree glow each night in the living room. It seriously is one of my favorite things about the Christmas season and I love how I can now look at our special ornaments and remember our stories and life together. Merry Christmas everyone!

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