Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Delights

Allie's 12th birthday was last week. (Cray cray!) We will be celebrating with her this week when she is here for Thanksgiving and have a number of birthday surprises for her. I am so anxious for her to be here so the birthday fun can begin!

Allie is a girl with many interests and one of them is vintage finds. She loves Anthropologie (hmm... wonder how she got into that? :)) and all things old with lots of character. She even talks about naming her future daughter Vintage, which we think is actually a pretty cool name. :)

Because of this interest and the fact Allie recently got her ears pierced, I decided to get her some vintage jewelry off Etsy for her birthday. The stuff is so adorable I just had to share it here on the blog!

I love this unique, 5-sided glass jewelry box with mirrored bottom. It's the perfect size for someone just starting to collect jewelry.

Since we are often apart, we got her this antique locket with a bird and pearl charm.

Inside is a picture of us and a quote so she can be reminded that we are with her always, no matter where she is. "Love you yesterday, love you still. Always have, always will."
A pair of vintage rhinestone studs. (Love these. Wish they were mine!)
 Turquoise Chrysanthemum studs
 Mustard rosette ribbon earrings
And last but not least, a vintage button necklace made by my sister for Allie since she has always loved mine (which is very similar, just larger).

Seriously cannot wait to give these little delights to our girl this week and a few more special things. Eek!

Oh- and I looooove Etsy! Shop there this Christmas for some really unique and wonderful gifts!

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