Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last week we had a wonderful Thanksgiving thanking God for all He has given us with three of our dearest friends. This year was different that most years. Most years, in fact ALL the years of my life, I have spent Thanksgiving in Florida with my extended family. Due to ministry commitments and trying to avoid additional travel for Allie, we weren't able to go. We missed seeing our family though and look forward to being there again hopefully in 2013!

Even though we weren't there, I still wanted us to have just as good of a Thanksgiving, with all our favorite holiday foods. Normally, I don't cook at all on Thanksgiving, or if I do it's a single dish to share. This year however, I dove head first into Thanksgiving dinner and ended up making about 11 different things.

Here was our Thanksgiving Day menu:

cinnamon rolls

little smokies
cheddar cheese nut ball, summer sausage, crackers

Main Course
fresh cranberry sauce
corn casserole
broccoli casserole
loaded mashed potatoes
sweet potato casserole
steamed french beans
cranberry sauce crumble

dinner rolls and crescent rolls
butters (regular, honey, and pumpkin spice)

brownie pie
apple crisp

Oh yeah. That's right, the good stuff. No healthy food in sight (except for the steamed beans). We were gonna live it up! Since we were at GWL on Wednesday, I woke up early on Thursday and got to work! (When mom was in town on Monday, she helped me polish all the silver so that was already done. Thanks mom!)

A lot of love went into all this food and also a lot of this:
Butter going into the apple crisp topping...

 Butter in the sweet potatoes
 Butter in the sweet potato topping...
You get the picture. It was a calorie-full day for sure, but boy did it taste yummy.

Breakfast cinnamon rolls
Light apps (every party needs little smokies)

Love this cheddar cheese ball.
And now for the main event...

To be honest, I was scared of the turkey. I had never cooked one before and wasn't exactly sure what type of expertise was required. Trader Joe's hooked me up though and this bird turned out to be one of the juiciest, most flavorful turkeys I've ever had.

Loaded mashed potatoes 
Stuffing (made by Bethany)
Cranberry sauce crumble (Made by Bethany and so amazing I am going to make it again for Christmas. Thanks for the recipe Dowd!)
Sweet potato casserole (Zach's fav)
Corn casserole. Yes please.
And of course, bread.

(Other food and desserts not pictured. Sorry.)

Allie ticklin' the ivories

This was also the first year I got to decorate my own table and I think it turned out pretty decent.

I used burlap as a tablecloth
And put fresh flowers in glass jars I have collected (previously containing pickles, jams, sauces, etc.) that are adorned with crochet trim, ribbon, and paper.

Diggin' in

My plate. O-mazing.
After a delicious lunch we all lounged around in our post-Thanksgiving stupor. :)
Beautiful Al
After AG's nap it was time to play outside!
And take a few pics with our friends

Thanks for spending Thanksgiving with us friends! We are so blessed to have you in our life!

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