Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tea Time for 12

In celebration of Allie's birthday, Zach and I took her to afternoon tea at the Ballantyne Resort last Friday afternoon. Allie and I have had a P Day tea party before, and even though it was fun and fancy, it did not compare to this. Ha!

I did not have my first, real high tea until I was in my 20s and in Victoria, Canada. My best friend Susan and I went on a mini vacation from the Seattle area and visited this charming island and Vancouver. (I so hope I can take Allie here sometime!) On the island is the famous Empress Hotel (which as I write this post I am sipping on the Express tea I bought from there!) and it is known for the exceptional afternoon tea experience. Going to a real afternoon tea makes you feel so... sophisticated... and English. Ha! I totally love it and I was so happy to be the person to introduce Allie to such a fun thing to do for special occasions or with family and friends. 
It's tea time!

Fancy silver tea strainer

Pretty girl, growing up
Let's get this tea party started!
Allie and I both picked the vanilla tea and it was delicious!
Fancy tea sandwiches (3 of them were a bit too fancy for Allie's tastes, but she tried them all :))

 But she certainly liked the sweets :)

These chocolate mousse cups were her fav (and mine too!)

This blackberry jam was incredible.
 And so was this honey.
Daddy and Daughter adorableness

Me and Allie!

 The beautiful birthday girl.
Gosh I LOVE making memories with these two crazy cats!

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