Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge just outside Charlotte is part of Great Wolf Resorts, a chain of resorts famous for their indoor water parks. In addition to the water park, each resort has a slew of other activities including an aracade, mini golf, spa, and other children's activities.

We had the incredible opportunity to go to the GWL last week with some of Allie's friends from Forest Hill and it was a ridiculous amount of fun.

Allie with Payton and Cooper, on our way to meet Emma, Annie, and Ms. Christy at GWL!

Wolves lodge here
Best wolf faces
 The whole gang! (minus adults)
I don't have a ton of pics from the water park because I was too busy having fun myself to take pictures. Ha! Zach and I seriously had a blast too. This place is not just for kids! :)

The Howlin' Tornado is an incredible water slide that dumps you into a 6 story funnel and you swish and swirl, back and forth, up to 30 feet high sometimes!, before you exit through the bottom of the funnel. It's amazing. And kinda scary. And at first, Allie did not want to go, even though all her friends had already gone and loved it. It took her a little longer, but she worked up to it doing other rides with us and then took on the tornado!

After 3.5 hrs at the water park, we are famished!

After all the water fun, we got cleaned up for dinner. The McDermott's guest room included an area called "Kids Camp" which looks like a tented cabin in the room. It has bunk beds, a separate tv, and is pretty neat.
Allie, Annie, and Payton on the top bunk
While the kids got changed, we looked like this. Ha! 3.5 hrs riding rides and walking flights of stairs really takes it out of you!
After dinner we headed to the aracade. I have never really been a gamer, but these kids love it and getting tickets to earn prizes.

Annie and Cooper on this pretty incredible flying simulation game.
Zach and Allie racing! These two love driving games.

Look who is in 1st! But someone else is creeping up on her title!

Allie ended up getting a bunch of tickets with her arcade money.
With it, she bought some really useful stuff- 3 whoopee cushions and 5 tootsie rolls. Lol. And SMH. This girl is hilarious. But let's leave the whoopee cushions at home. Ha!
All of us seriously had such a fun time at GWL! It is soo fun! I hope we can come back here at some point in the future and stay over so we can do more stuff!

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