Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Maze

Last week our family visited The MAiZE in Canton, NC. This was a really legit corn maze and we had a blast exploring it. This year's design is pictured below:
Yes, it's massive with multiple entrances and exits.

The corn maze in late afternoon with a smoky mountain backdrop.

 Al, Zach, and Ian ready to take on the maze.
Daddy and daughter
Allie and I were a team competing against Zach and Ian. Allie was such an explorer- she refused to look at the map and went by her instincts alone. The first time through the maze, it took us about 16 minutes and Zach and Ian beat us by 8 seconds, but the second time... Allie whizzed through a new route in under 2 minutes! We were all blown away!
Love this action shot of her running.
Matted down stalks

 A fork in the road.
 Waiting for me.
So gorgeous.

 The healthy corn she shucked and cleaned.
A sweet pic of me and my favorite girl in the world.
And of course a silly one too. :)
 Handsome husband.
We also shopped at their pumpkin patch, but ended up not finding "the perfect pumpkin."

 Love this twisted stalk.

 Warm lights
We love corn mazes and fall festivities! Stay tuned for more photos of our fall adventures!

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