Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sky Top

Last week we also went to Sky Top Orchard near Hendersonville to pick apples. This is a massive 60 acre orchard with loads of apples and a fruit shop with apple related goods. This was the first time any of us had picked apples in a real orchard and it was not only fun, but educational. :)

Apple pickin' baskets
Allie is ready to go with her basket
Allie, Zach, and Ian walking into the orchard.
In search of some apples
Apple picking often requires tree climbing. I had no idea this was necessary, but here is Zach, high up in a tree. Ha!

Allie loves climbing trees so this was a fun adventure for her.
I also didn't realize that apples grew in big clumps like this. I guess I just always assumed they grew individually along a branch.

Do not eat apples (until you pay for them :))
We picked Fuji, Arkansas Black, and Pink Lady apples.

Professional apple picker
Our pickins'
After a hard days work. :)
Me and Allie

Family fun
We also saw maybe the world's largest pumpkin. The one pictured in the bottom left is what I would consider a big pumpkin, but the one in the center is just ridiculous.
Here's Allie with the giant pumpkin.
Fruit shop
We bought this jelly to make Jam Up cookies for Allie's fall party. It was delish! I wish we had bought more.
And of course, the main event - apple cider donuts. Uh... yes.... please.
Makin' donuts from scratch.
Hot and fresh now

One happy girl
We loved Sky Top and it was a perfect way to celebrate fall. I hope we can go back in the future!

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