Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Music Madness

So I know I have written before that our life could potentially be more about birthing songs than birthing babies and that is exactly what we are doing right now - birthing this new worship album. It's been fun and exciting along the way, but what I wasn't prepared for was the intense labor pains of this birthing process! OMG are we ready for this to be over. Ha!

The music itself is finished and fully recorded. Zach hopped down to Georgia a few weeks back to record his vocals and they turned out great.

Zach's pics from his studio time

As of late, we hit a pretty big hiccup on the back end and had to regroup. It has been really stressful, but I am praying and trusting that God is in the middle of all this.

Because of this unforeseen challenge, Zach and I ended up back in Atlanta and then Athens to meet with some potential new partners on the project immediately following Justin and Jenny's wedding.

 I was unprepared for this music layover and a few hours in was wrestling with extreme boredom in the studio. Ha! My only entertainment was my camera and eventually my phone died and with it my only distraction.

Art above me
 Ceiling. Lol.

Seriously guys, this is madness.

Hopefully the music will finally be finished this month and the single released/ web launch in early November.

To say this has been stressful and a burden is an understatement, BUT just like having a baby - once your child is here, you forget about all the trials and pain and just enjoy the newness and life you see budding. I am hopeful that this will be our experience with this project once it is all said and done and that we can not only see the benefit of all the hard work, but know that God is satisfied and being glorified through our efforts. Please continue to pray for us - for wisdom in final decisions, for patience, and joy during hardship (James 1). This experience has definitely been a faith-stretcher and for that I am grateful.

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